About me

“Remember that you are the chosen one, and so is everyone else.” ~Rob Brezsny

Shana Alex Charles has been writing poetry since she was a young girl, and grew up performing Shakespeare. But then she packed that part of herself away in a box, for fifteen years. She married, bore two children, earned two graduate degrees, divorced…and that’s when her poetry erupted, a prolific explosion of four books and over seven hundred poems published in her blog, Cytherean Dreams, all within the past six years. She remarried Andre Charles, whom she met at a poetry workshop focused on Love, and lives happily in Southern California with him and children and hamsters and bunnies and home.


9 thoughts on “About me”

  1. About your comment on my page. I really like the way you see the tzitzit, and I don’t want to suggest that my practice is right for anyone else.

    My approach is a personal quirk of mine. I think I have a lot of room for negotiation with difficult ideas, but when I hit the wall (pardon the pun), I just walk away and try another angle. I’m probably more afraid of my own ability to rationalize things — because, trust me, I’m a repeat gold medalist in that event — than I am of losing the fight. I’ve talked myself into giving into things a few times too many, and I guess I’ve had a hard time making peace with that. I think other people are better at accomplishing change from the inside than I am.

    I wonder, by the way, if my post made it sound like everyone should abandon the tzitzit because they remind ME of blind adherence. That wasn’t my point, but maybe that’s what I said. Can you think about this and let me know? I’d like to find a way to distinguish between my propositions for the rest of the world and my personal approach to them.

    Thanks for your comments. And I am enjoying your poems.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t think you were preachy at all in your post – you write beautifully about your own experiences and it doesn’t at all come across as telling someone else what to do. I just thought you sounded sad about giving them up, and wanted to let you know that someone else seeing you wear tzitzit (which, by the way, I don’t) wouldn’t connect you automatically with the movement you don’t want to be associated with. From what I’m now starting to understand, there’s a lot more differentiation within the Orthodox community than I thought.

      Thanks for reading my work, and for writing yours!

  2. dear shana,
    your description of your blog, of you… emphasizes just what your name means…(and a lovely man once sincerely asked me with a big smile, β€œShana, could you possibly be any more beautiful?”…was an awwww moment for me)
    your thoughts have stirred me up on a day when i was low and upset…so am sure many more people feel the same..everytime they come across it…
    glad to have come across your thoughts…thank you!!!

  3. How lovely! I’ve been reading psychology on an off for several years, and I read that it is very hard for many (if not most) people to state even three “strengths” or positive qualities about their characters. That’s so sad! I can’t imagine how it would feel to not be able to think of three things like the lovely qualities that you’ve listed in your poem. You are so lucky and blessed to know yourself that well and to recognise those splendid qualities. πŸ™‚ Are you interested in astrology by any chance? I’m dead curious to know your sign …! You seem like an Aquarius with the art/science mix, but also like a Pisces with your affinity for the ocean. Maybe I’m way off and you’re a Leo! LOL.

    1. I’m very much an Aquarius. My work means nothing if it doesn’t do some good in the world, and I care very much about people. To my Pisces ex-husband, I was too analytical and cold, but my Capricorn loves have found me to be very emotional – it’s a fun middle ground to play with. Thanks for being here :)! I like your blog very much and am glad I found it.

      1. Oh I can’t believe it! I got it right with your sign! πŸ™‚ Thank you very much, I’m glad you like my blog! Likewise! πŸ™‚

  4. Lovely blog, makes me want to try out the theme. I really like your name and the background history–although my beliefs (Bible Christian) don’t match up with yours, I love anything having to do with the sea–most beautiful!

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