Where to start?

Swimming through all my poems might take a while, so I thought you’d appreciate a suggestion on where to begin. There’s the latest ones on my home page, or the “top rated” posts that have the most likes (at the bottom of the page). You can also see the calendar at the bottom of the page…if there’s a date that meant something to you, you can see what I posted on that day, or go back to my earliest posts and work your way to the present. But I’d start with my word clouds – these are my categories and tags. If you see something you like, just click on it and you’ll see all the poems related to that topic.

Or you could just start here, with this one:


Finally, I can say,
I can see
with clarity and strength,
and speak my soul
fiercely fearless,
with love and compassion,
honest in my intent
to nourish and nurture
and love unconditionally.
Without shame, now,
knowing I did my best then,
I did what I could.
But my best is better now,
because of the healing
cleansing outpouring from
finally, telling the truth.
Showing the truth.
Unflinching. Honest.
And having him, and them
see me,
for who I am.


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