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I don’t know what will
Come of my rant, my proposal.
But I had to do

What I had to do.
I had to stand up and say,
This hurts, and you hurt

Me, when you shamed me.
You hurt me with your attack.
And you can’t do that.

Not unless you want
The full force of righteous law
Raining down on you.

Not unless you want
Everyone to see the filth,
Etched in hateful words.

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Have you been trained,
she asked me, as we talked,
to sing? Have you
ever thought
of being like me, and
following my path?
Of singing holy songs
of praise and worship?
Of leading our people in song?
Of being the person they turn to
in times of need and trouble
to help heal their wounds?
Not her words, but mine,
because that’s what she meant.
What she said was,
I can hear it in your voice,
when all I’d done was speak.
What she said was,
You’d be very good.

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I’m proud of you, I said,
because my heart swelled
seeing you, in your element,
strong and sure and able
and what you do
makes the system work
makes our world work
as it should, so
yes, just because
you are
who you are and
you do
what you do
I’m proud of you.
And I’m proud of me
for bringing you peace
with these simple words.

Courage, Empathy, Family, Journeys, Love, New Paths, Truth


They’ll come later, the vows
that will tie us, bind us in a
beautiful merging, our energies blending
into a new entity, this union, that
will be ours to create, nurture, and grow.

They’ll come later, the words
that perfectly express how deep
my love for you runs through me and
how you have become inseparable
from my future, from my soul.

They’ll come later, the new
paths explored together, as we
lead each other through the joys
of heights traversed, holding hands.

But for today, a promise, unbreakable,
that the vows, words, and new will all come.


Fun, Gratitude, Healing, Journeys, Love, New Paths


You were wrong, he said
with a gentle
half-dreamy smile.
I thought I needed
a cloister, a cage
to hide in darkness
to protect my heart
from pain, my love
from falling
into oblivion.
I thought pushing him
away, benign neglect
would build the wall
he wouldn’t dream to scale.
But I was wrong,
and he was right,
my own smile now
chasing these fears away,
remembering his words
that gentle acceptance
as he brought me back
into the light.

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No, I’m not sure at all.

Cytherean Dreams

I’m sure
you never read
any of this.
You can’t.
Because if you did
I’m sure you’d react
somehow, respond
in anger or demand
that I stop immediately
as you’ve done before
when all I did was talk.
Just words that
disappeared into the air
as soon as they
were spoken, even if
remembered by those
you said came to you
to tell you of my love
and left convinced
by you of my instability.
This doesn’t disappear
these words
they drop into the void
between us.
Never mind the rushes
of heady joy or sick anger
that wash through me, as if
you took the words in
and sent this back to me.
Never mind the ghost
who haunts this page
never leaving a mark
beyond a footprint.
You’re not reading.
Because if you were, how
could you let me be?
Knowing me and
who I am and

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Sweet Prince

It’s hard to be sweet.
To always say
the perfect thing
this damsel wants to hear.
To know
I’m not ready to do more
than sweep her off her feet
and believe that her broken heart
will mend.
Don’t they always?
How can I mean anything
to these maidens in distress
these paragons of virtue
when they have so little
inkling of what I feel,
how I can manipulate them
so easily? I just
have to keep saying
the perfect thing.
Until I don’t.
And then move on,
to the next damsel
who will swoon
in my arms with
a few perfect words.