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The Quiet

I loved the quiet, most days.
It would wrap around me, soft and moist
rich with imagined dreams
as I searched, hoping
to find my prince, my future.
Or it would console me
as I cried hot painful tears
of longing and forbidden love.
The quiet was my only friend, some days.
But what was is no longer what is,
and I’m glad to see the quiet
limp away from my doorway, to find
another soul who needs a friend.

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I wanted to refocus
hone in on something,
anything, so
I pulled out the cards
asked where should my
energies go
what would best serve
my soul now
hoping for career growth
or a spiritual journey
but the cards had their fun
the Green Man, my match,
held court in the center
counselor, father, protector
with my mermaid,
granter of wishes,
at his side, and
the search for partnership
the wheel of fortune
increasing my blessings
in the end, so
as tired as I am
of this heartbreaking search
for my true partner
in this world
I have to dry my eyes
and keep them open.
The reading shows what is,
and what is soon becomes
what is meant to be.