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Good Enough

For you, I wish I had
the mastery of Shakespeare
the lyricism of Rumi
the sweetness of Dickinson
all elevated even higher
than those masters ever dreamed
of soaring, flying upon words
woven into grand tapestries
brilliant and hypnotizing
mesmerizing patterns interlocking
to show you, for one day,
how dizzingly high I soar
because of your love.

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Work in Progress

I will take your hand, my love,
in front of all our kin.
I will walk to you, my love,
white silk upon my skin.
I will give to you, my love,
my soul, my tender heart.
Intertwined with you, my love,
a shining, bright new start.

And when we stand in front, my love,
the rabbi will read there
The words I write to you, my love,
tell all my sincere prayer.
What words that he will say, my love,
I really just don’t know.
This work in progress still, my love,
the poem just won’t flow.

What do I love about you so?
You love me, whether words or no.

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Who You Are

And who he is is wonderful…

Cytherean Dreams

You are my poet,
my dreamer weaving
metaphorical tapestries
that wrap me
in loving contentment,
that lift me to be
the woman of your words.

You are my gentleman,
my good sport in adversity
the man who sees my woes
as opportunities
gently induces my smile
gracing me
with your sweet understanding.

You are my knight,
my valiant warrior who fights
for the right to love at will
for me, my champion,
attacking baseless fears and
dissipating darkness with
your sword of light.

You are my true love,
my only, steadfast and pure,
who knows soul-deep
your place is at my side,
making my life yours
and your life mine.

You are my partner,
my equal in energy and drive,
able to be the man
my family needs to be whole
able to teach me and learn from me
and love me and love them
and live your best life…

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The demon lies, whispering
in your jealous ear
that I’m the problem
I’m the cause
of your unhappiness
and your pain, stabbing,
I must be, because
weren’t you happy, then
and now, you’re not, and
why not me, my
fat deadweight, selfish brat,
always demanding attention,
keeping you from getting
the respect and devotion
that is so rightfully yours?

I cast you out, demon.
Leave my brother in peace.
Let him heal, and see.
Let him remember himself
and not rewrite history
with your vicious lies.

I cast you back
to burn
in your Hell.
Leave us alone
to create
our own Heaven.

Childhood, Empathy, Family, Gratitude, Home, Journeys, Love, Marriage, Truth

One Day

You’re perfect,
because of this one day.
Because you can rise
and live with us
and love with us
and bring more joy
to our lives and our home
and be our chaperone
when we need one
and step aside
when we need to lead
and keep your own life
even while sharing ours.
It’s not just the one day
coming soon, next year,
when we’ll join our lives
with legal vows.
It’s every day until then,
and every day after,
each one, one day.

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I want to sparkle.
To glisten and
shine and
steal your breath with
my beauty. But
all the sparkles
and the crystals
and the diamonds
gracing me
can’t match
my shining love,
catching your soul
with my eyes.

Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Love, Marriage, Miracles, New Paths, Truth

Because of You

Because of you
I believe again
in the plans and the path
in the light and the love
in the future and forever.

Because of you
my heart sings again
with poetry and promise
with joy and jubilation
with gratitude and growth.

All, because of you.