Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Friends, Gratitude, Healing, Journeys, Love, Marriage, New Paths, People, Truth


Before you, he said
with a wry grin and wide
honest but still playful eyes
I was in a monastery.
I was a monk, cloistered
from the world, and
no woman captured my heart
or stole my smile
or lay grinning, naked with me
or held me, before you.
I was in a monastery, he joked.
And of course, so was I.
But the pictures and the scars
from our imagined other lives
we lived, before meeting,
tell a different story.
The people we still love and
the baggage we still carry is
sometimes, too honest.
Let’s keep it simple.
Let’s keep it sweet.
Before you, it was a monastery
because before you, I was caged
and you have set my heart free.

Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Pain, People, Truth


I’d be happier
for you
if you weren’t
so miserable
if the announcement
of your supposed joy
wasn’t heralded
by regressing
back, desperately
trying to remember
who you are
who you were
as you drown
sucked into
her world.
I hope you’re happy.
But I feel,
in crushing waves,
your misery.

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, New Paths, Pain, People


Leave me alone!
A scream echoing
into the void
between me and you.
I hurl it
like a fireball to
drive you away
cast you out
of my spirit, to
buttress my crumbling
iron candlelit defenses.
I can’t help you
this way
not with you sucking
my energy out of me
a vampire crouching
in the shadows
of the east pulling
my strength to you.
If you need a friend
come find me.
If you want to feed
find some other prey
and just leave
me alone.

Heartbreak, Love, Pain, People, Questions, Regret


Awakening, feverish,
memories of you
hovering over me
effortlessly exposed
and you grinned and said
I woke up today dreaming
about you, about that moment
and fevered and shaking
you haunted my hands
as I lost myself in you.
So I reached
up for you and
pulled you close
never thinking
that would be
the last time I could.
Fevered aching today
and wondering
do you ever still
dream, and wake sweating
lost in memories
of me?

Heartbreak, Love, Pain, Regret

Drunk Dial

I’ll just
turn off the computer
before I do
really stupid, like
e-mail you again, when
I know, I really do know
that you
have no interest
in me
anymore or
need for me or
spark that
lights up when
you see anything
from me and
you haven’t even read
the last ones
but just
sent them into
firewall misery
burst into
ether digital flames
so why do I want
so, so badly,
just to tell you
that I miss you and
I think about you
every time I see that
stupid courtyard, every day,
and I check
to see whether
you still
list yourself
as single, but
what does that
matter anyways
you can’t
even look at me
not even digitally, anymore,
I’m just
a fading memory
of a silly time when
you lost your head
for just a bit, and
did things
you don’t ever
want to do again,
at least
not with
or because of
Thank God
I deleted your number
and can’t
be so stupid
as to actually call.

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Gratitude, Healing, Heartbreak, Love, Questions, Truth


I know you’re not shallow.
I saw the depths in
your azure eyes, felt
the spiral of energy
flowing through your spine
when our third eyes blinked
melded together and
our root energies entwined
a deep embrace falling
through the center of the earth
through our centers, our heavens
unfolding in mystical spectrum
you’re as deep as infinity falling
through the stars, but
living now, as if all you see
is the physical, here, and now,
living in three pale dimensions
leaving behind the full spectrum
you once held, when you held me,
awaiting your touch
to burst forth again.

Chakra energy, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Pain, Questions, Regret


On the other side
from the other end
the perspective shifts
turns upended and
what was certain
seemed clear and defined
turns blurry from
this new vantage
darkness shifting
in my own heart
to see more clearly
into yours.
Can you
forgive me for
my sins that drowned
your safe harbor, turned
surety into doubt?
Turns out I
loosed the demons
pride and passion
after all.