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Tantric thought of the day.

Cytherean Dreams

Let me show it
to you
engulf you
in my love
and let you fall
into my lush embrace
into unknowingness
and fires that purify
your soul
and strip away
the walls that
trap your heart
keep you from feeling
your love
and pain
and fear
keep you separate
when all you want
is rapture
losing yourself
in union
with the universe.

–from Venus in Transit, available on

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Courage, Empathy, Healing, Hope, Love, Regret

An Instant

One of these days
one of these lifetimes
I’ll have the strength
to lock eyes with you
and hold,
for more than
an instant.
I won’t look away
I’ll drown in you
and gasping for
our air, surface
to pull you close,
souls locked

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It’s not me
to let the emotions seep
and percolate
through my soul.
I’d rather dig and
pressure the world
to change to my liking.
No more. Not this year.
This year, I will sit
and be honest
about who I am, and
how I feel, who I love,
and hope that they stop
and sit next to me,
for a while.
I will sit
to let the fear subside
and build trust
that I am capable and controlled.
I will learn patience
and be the master
of my urges to push.
And when the time comes,
I will stand
and take my place
in light and love.

Beauty, Fun, Hope, Love, New Paths


It’s always my best fit.
Highlighting my waist,
wrapped around me
to release the
goddess who
sashays across
even a convention floor,
leaving gaping, aching men
in her wake.
I like being her.
I want to be her
for you.
See your jaw drop
and the barely concealed
desire light up
your eyes
as you scan my curves
with me, coming towards you,
to be yours,
in truth.

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You appear before me
naked and smiling
keeping your distance
but finally,
not hiding
yourself away
any longer.
And I love you
and pour myself
into your kiss
and your voice
and ask if you
love me too.
You say no,
because you can’t
feel love for me
until you love
yourself, first.
And I smile
because I know
time will
bring you back
when you discover
your true love.