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Tantric thought of the day.

Cytherean Dreams

Let me show it
to you
engulf you
in my love
and let you fall
into my lush embrace
into unknowingness
and fires that purify
your soul
and strip away
the walls that
trap your heart
keep you from feeling
your love
and pain
and fear
keep you separate
when all you want
is rapture
losing yourself
in union
with the universe.

–from Venus in Transit, available on

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My third poem I wrote when I started writing again, because I needed to put out something positive into the world.

Cytherean Dreams

I can evolve. I can grow.
I can expand my heart, fill it
with unconditional love that pours forth
into the universe. My positive energy.
My glow.
Fills the void, engulfs the lost,
comforts those I love who are not here.
Not in body. But our souls lock together
and my glow lights their way home
to me.

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Trust, Still

I will have faith
that the universe loves me.
One ending leads
to the next beginning.
I am where I was
meant to be
and I am ready
to discover
who wants to join me
on this journey
this time.

Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Love, Miracles, Pain


I want to be
your godsend, your
astonishing gift
that you don’t believe
could possibly be real,
your beautiful promise
come true. I want
to appear again at
exactly the right moment
and take your breath away
in wonderment.
I want to change
your life, your fate,
with my potent love.
But it doesn’t matter
what I want.
The universe has
its own plans,
and sends as it will.

Courage, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Love, Miracles, Pain, Questions


I need a sign.
Something that will make
this murky fog
clear and show me
which path I should take.
I need a sign from you.
Something that tells me
that you are here,
if you are,
and that you want me,
if you do.
I need a sign from the universe.
Something that will illuminate
my soul and
will make me stop in wonder
and stare, awestruck
at the new clarity
I see before me.
I need a sign. Please.
Because I’m too
blind and tired
to keep going down
this path I’m on
alone in the dark.

Childhood, Courage, Empathy, Family, Healing, Hope, Love, Pain

Willow Tree

My Willow, my darling girl,
I’m so scared for you.
Because I can’t protect you
from the neurons misfiring,
from the short-circuitry that blanks
erases pieces of you.
I love you so much,
your bright glowing smile,
your effervescent heart,
your caring spirit and smothering hugs,
my gorgeous dimpled daughter.
For you, I will walk through the fire
and bring down the healing powers
of the universe, no matter the consequence.
I love you, Willow tree, and
I hope beyond hope
to calm the shocks
and help you heal,
grow, strong.

[For my 9-year-old daughter, on her birthday today.]