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Making the Bed

I need it, the comfort of

a well-made bed. It marks

day from night, time

to sleep and time to wake

A made bed gives structure.

Order from chaos.

But he couldn’t care less, in fact

he likes it messy, likes to see

life as lived in. So

when I come home, drained from the day

and I see our bed made, which

he did, not me, I had left long before,

I don’t see a bed.

I don’t see a metaphor.

I don’t see a tidy house.

I see a gift. I see unconditional love.

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Sunshine (A Prayer)

Wherever I am, I walk in Your sun.
Your love everywhere will bathe me in light.
Above, You will warm me, free me, the One
Who ignites the fire in my precious sight.
Your love is not fleeting, nor will it fade
In my dark hours when You feel far from me.
Your sun still dazzles, never to know shade,
Warming forever this eternity.
You know I feel you, deep love in my heart,
I feel Your sunshine giving me strength.
It does not matter if I play my part.
To You will I always return at length.
And everyday, Your warmth on my skin
Reminds me how close You always have been.

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My third poem I wrote when I started writing again, because I needed to put out something positive into the world.

Cytherean Dreams

I can evolve. I can grow.
I can expand my heart, fill it
with unconditional love that pours forth
into the universe. My positive energy.
My glow.
Fills the void, engulfs the lost,
comforts those I love who are not here.
Not in body. But our souls lock together
and my glow lights their way home
to me.

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Daily Prompt: Free

Daily Prompt: Morphing


I free you.
When I love you, and
transmute the universal light
from heaven down
through energy spirals swirling
through the core of me
the heart and soul
and depths of me
and it flows out
through my hands
my third eye, my sacred
temple and into you
in rainbows bursting
born of ecstasy
and healing, cleansing
rebirth of you, from me,
I free you.
Free is love and tantric fire
and compassion and nurturing,
a shining silver connection.
I free you,
so you can be

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What Love Means

I love you.
I’m not kidding,
I know it’s unbelievable.
There’s no real reason
for me to love you
because who are you,
anyways, just
a man, no different
than any other?
Isn’t that what you think?

But I love you.
I love your soul.
Lavender energy pours
from my hands, tingling
again, because my soul
refreshed, is loving you
again. And what
love means
is so different
than what you think.

I love you.
So I want you
to thrive.
I don’t want
to control you
or to turn you
into my robot
or prisoner,
or butler.
I love you
so I want you
to follow whatever path
you want to take.

I love you
so of course
what I want is
to be with you. But
I have to respect
your right
to walk without me
if you wish. But
I love you.
And all I can do
is love you from where
I am, sending my energy
to help you,
on your way.

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Life is full of lessons.

Cytherean Dreams

There is no end
your soul will keep learning
and the lessons
may be cruel and harsh
but how can you know
what’s wrong
until you try it?
But there is no end
not even death
so you might as well stop
fighting your teacher
and learn instead
what you came into being
to learn,
how to love others
more than yourself
and find your truth
in your own words.

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