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Speak Truth

Speak your truth, always.

When you remain silent, then

Liars fill the void.

Courage, Death, Empathy, Heartbreak, Pain, politics, Truth

Amidst the Dying

Amidst the dying 
Courage shines, 
A wounded man cradled 
In his savior’s bloodied arms.

Amidst the grieving
Compassion floods,
A mother comforted 
By uniformed, gentle men.

Amidst the turmoil
Hope arises,
A full-throated call
To return us to sanity.

Amidst the despair
Love abounds,
Bright spotlight shining
On our solidarity, worldwide.

Amidst the lies
Truth rings clear,
United we must stand
Against weapons of hate.

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Another Never

Never keeps
coming true
becoming truth
story unfolding
as the journey
continues, mobius
returning, never
ending solitude
and I always thought
I’d go there with you.
We’d return
after merging
our energies, pledging
ourselves to each other
to our people
we’d go home then
feel the grand design
click into place
with our return.
Not this time.
I travel alone, returning
with you
in spirit only,
our ceremonies
years past
haunt my steps
as you
through my eyes.

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Love, Pain, Truth

When I’m Lying

It’s easy to tell
when I’m lying.
I cry.
I burst into tears
helpless sobbing
can’t speak, dissolving
into hysterical heaving
that’s when I know
whatever I’m saying
whatever I’m thinking
is a lie. Don’t listen
don’t believe the demons
hijacking my truth.
Don’t believe
whatever I said
when I started sobbing
when I said
you finally saw the sign
keeping others away.
I was lying, then.
It’s not for you.

Chakra energy, Courage, Death, Empathy, Family, Friends, Gratitude, Healing, Journeys, Pain, Truth


Life is full of lessons.

Cytherean Dreams

There is no end
your soul will keep learning
and the lessons
may be cruel and harsh
but how can you know
what’s wrong
until you try it?
But there is no end
not even death
so you might as well stop
fighting your teacher
and learn instead
what you came into being
to learn,
how to love others
more than yourself
and find your truth
in your own words.

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Empathy, Gratitude, Healing, Home, Judaism, Love, Miracles


I never saw Eden
until I met you. I knew
the sweet spicy smell
of the Garden at dusk
but didn’t know
who could join me there
until I looked into your eyes
infinity staring back
kind and sweet and
loving, always even
when you didn’t
mean to be.
I think that’s why
you refused to see me.
So I couldn’t look into
your eyes again
and see the truth.

Courage, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Pain, Questions


You are, at your core,
a preacher. A shaman.
Someone who peels back
the curtains and shows
the rest of us
the truth that lies within.
And you have the gift
of inspiration, the ability
to move someone to
tears, to pull people
closer to you, to listen.
So why aren’t you preaching?
Why are you silenced?
Have you lost your connection,
your way, on your path?
Its been too long, months now.
Go forth, and be
who you are.