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Sunshine (A Prayer)

Wherever I am, I walk in Your sun.
Your love everywhere will bathe me in light.
Above, You will warm me, free me, the One
Who ignites the fire in my precious sight.
Your love is not fleeting, nor will it fade
In my dark hours when You feel far from me.
Your sun still dazzles, never to know shade,
Warming forever this eternity.
You know I feel you, deep love in my heart,
I feel Your sunshine giving me strength.
It does not matter if I play my part.
To You will I always return at length.
And everyday, Your warmth on my skin
Reminds me how close You always have been.

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Because of You

Because of you
I believe again
in the plans and the path
in the light and the love
in the future and forever.

Because of you
my heart sings again
with poetry and promise
with joy and jubilation
with gratitude and growth.

All, because of you.

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From last Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful still.

Cytherean Dreams

On this day,
I’m thankful for my children
growing faster now
too fast, and
I want to stop time
with them small
but I’m so proud
of the strong, gracious,
inquisitive and empathetic
young women
they’re becoming.

On this day,
I’m thankful for my parents
all four of them
who’ve guided me
and tried their best
to impart their wisdom and love
even as they struggle
through through their own
challenges and triumphs.

On this day,
I’m thankful for the women
who support me and listen
and navigate through the world
on their own paths
but always happy to travel
with me and cheer me on.

On this day,
I’m thankful for the men
who’ve loved me and held me
given me the secure knowledge
of my worth and
the warmth of knowing
they will be there,
if I fall.

On this day,
I’m thankful most of all
for my…

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Maybe this is Day Zero?

Cytherean Dreams

There has to be
a Day One, when
before there is
nothingness and after
is light and dark
balance, creating
sun and moon
earth and sky
and all that follows
on their own paths
following their own hearts.
But before that day,
does it even seem
In the depths of the
nothing, how
can the light and dark
even dream
of the love pouring forth
from them
to fill the void?
There has to be
a point of choice
when the impossible
becomes real
and time and life
begin from there,
from then

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Another Never

Never keeps
coming true
becoming truth
story unfolding
as the journey
continues, mobius
returning, never
ending solitude
and I always thought
I’d go there with you.
We’d return
after merging
our energies, pledging
ourselves to each other
to our people
we’d go home then
feel the grand design
click into place
with our return.
Not this time.
I travel alone, returning
with you
in spirit only,
our ceremonies
years past
haunt my steps
as you
through my eyes.

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Re-blogging my old favorites…this one is always a good reminder of the point of pain.

Cytherean Dreams

If I believe, and I do,
that God gives me good parking spaces
and loves my laugh when I realize
in delight that I once again
have the best spot,
then how can I not believe
that God has brought the sadness
and pain into my life, as well?
How can I not?
I believe in the plan
but the plan is not without pain.
I have to believe
that God inflicts the minimum,
that had this pain not existed,
something worse would have come instead.
That this will lead, in the end,
to something good,
as long as I choose to believe,
and keep myself open
to change, to my path, even if
the logic seems absent.
Follow my instincts, even if
I don’t always understand them.
God speaks to us through joy,
and I will follow where
my laughter leads me.

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The conscious mind
tricks us and fools
us into thinking
that our science and
proofs are real
that who we are
came from our
lifetime of memories and
growth, instead
of the truth
which is lifetimes
and repetitions
and cycles of decay
followed by spurts
sudden changes
that leave us breathless
gasping that this
wasn’t the plan
is too much to bear.

I’m too much
because deep in your
psyche you know
my rage and its shadows
my propensity to cheat
and the pain of rejection
my callousness and
disregard as I
steamroll you
my demons scarring you
through the centuries.

This time is different.
This time I’m awake
and consciously growing into
myself, for you.
I will work to deserve you
every day
and if I’m rewarded
if you give yourself to me
at the end of
my seven years of labor
that’s your choice
this time
to consciously change
history and fate
together again.