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The drafts go unpublished.

What is it that I

Just won’t let you see?

Doesn’t matter anymore.

Because no one is looking.

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Kind Words

Thank you

for your words, whether

Kind or not

Matters not

What matters is 

You wrote.

Took me months to look

At the abandoned page 

Empty for years so

I didn’t think to see 

But you wrote, as ever,

Exactly what I needed to hear

From my teacher, my spiritual guide

Through the journey 

The long turning of this decade.

Thank you

For your kind words, you

Once said to me.

And now to you. Thank you.

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Re-blogged random post…one of the greatest lessons I learned years ago was that the potential for change and growth is the greatest gift we have.

Cytherean Dreams

The only surety
in life
is change, that
the greatest power
we have
the greatest gift
from the universe
is our own ability
to see options
to move towards light
to recognize
when a choice made
might not be right,
after all,
and to turn, then,
in a new direction.
That’s how we learn
how we grow
by searching for
our own place
until we find
where we shoot
our roots deep
into the rich soil
reaching down
and up, at once
grounding in the earth
bringing the energy upward
as we reach toward
the stars.

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Forgive Me

Forgive me, I beg, in my own quiet way,

For the dreams and the promises now torn.

For pain I caused years ago, not today,

But still give cause for you to sadly mourn

Your loss, no more joy, no more standing here

On the stage, your home, now haunted by me.

I’m sorry for casting you out in fear.

Seemed like it was what just had to be.

I know you’ve found a new home, a new place,

And I’m happy you can now see your worth.

You didn’t know then how great was your grace.

You had to leave here to embrace your birth.

I hope you forgive me, sweet enemy,

As I stay here and tend to our blessed tree.

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From last Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful still.

Cytherean Dreams

On this day,
I’m thankful for my children
growing faster now
too fast, and
I want to stop time
with them small
but I’m so proud
of the strong, gracious,
inquisitive and empathetic
young women
they’re becoming.

On this day,
I’m thankful for my parents
all four of them
who’ve guided me
and tried their best
to impart their wisdom and love
even as they struggle
through through their own
challenges and triumphs.

On this day,
I’m thankful for the women
who support me and listen
and navigate through the world
on their own paths
but always happy to travel
with me and cheer me on.

On this day,
I’m thankful for the men
who’ve loved me and held me
given me the secure knowledge
of my worth and
the warmth of knowing
they will be there,
if I fall.

On this day,
I’m thankful most of all
for my…

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Reposting, one year later.

Cytherean Dreams

Even with hundreds of faces
of people in the room
you always shone brighter
the sun rising in
your eyes, to me.
It almost didn’t matter
that I had a purpose
to being there
beyond you, beyond learning.
I was there to build
connections and bridges,
to lead a lost woman
to her place in her home,
to meet the giants
my future teachers and guides,
all of that was true.
But it’s also true
that you, sitting there,
shone bright
a blazing beacon
casting aside all doubt
that there could ever be
anyone else
in my sight.

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Still safe, still hidden
even as I step
into the light
protected in
shielded by
the utter lack of reality
of any physical act
that anyone could see
could point to later
and say, see
here’s where he crossed
the unforgivable line.
Don’t fear my honesty.
Your truth is purity
and you shine even brighter
when I speak
even in anonymity.