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Quiet Time

A time for quiet
for peacefulness
for rest
for choosing
which path to take
off to the left
into the woods
bright and cheerful
in the distance or
veer to the right
under the hot sun
through the desert?
Pondering the choice,
quiet and still
at the crossroads.

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Wherever you are, you walk in the sun.
My love from afar will bathe you in light.
Above, I will warm you, free you, my One
Who ignites the fire in my precious sight.
This love is not fleeting, nor will it fade
In the long dark time when you’re far from me.
My sun still dazzles, never to know shade,
Warming us both in this eternity.
I know you feel me, deep love in your heart,
You feel my sunshine imbuing your strength.
It does not matter if close or apart.
We cannot measure our love in mere length.
I long for the day, your warmth on my skin
Reminds me how close you always have been.

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Midnight Sun

Dreams of traveling with my love…

Cytherean Dreams

We’ll go there one day.
It’s on the list.
That list of all the exotic places
we want to experience, together,
and I see the future,
bright with midnight sunlight
a place so far away from us now
I can’t see the way there
can’t imagine what it must be like
to stand in sun
while the clocks say night.
How can we get there tomorrow
when I don’t even know
where I stand today?
Does tomorrow have any meaning
if there’s never any dark?

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Daily Prompt: I’m Grateful for You

Grateful for my knight, my partner, my true love.

Cytherean Dreams

Daily Prompt

I’m Grateful for You

A perfect line
from a throwaway movie
a romantic comedy
no one saw but me, but
it had my favorite people
and my favorite setting and
silliness ensued and
John says to Julia
after all the craziness,
I’m grateful for you.
And they lived happily
ever after? Probably not
with these two and
this family and the press
and the scandal but
they were happy, and real
living together,
grateful for the sun
grateful for the moon
grateful for the stars
and grateful for you.

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As this eclipse and this poem came up in my poetry group this week, it seemed like a good time to re-blog this…

Cytherean Dreams

A dying man
elderly and frail
looked into the sky
through dark glasses
and saw
for the first time
the moon’s shadow
passing over our sun.
On his last day
of conscious thought
he saw, here,
the new,
and learned
and felt the joy
of discovery
from his deathbed.
His final words were
prophetic and pure,
Miracles and wonders,
marveling at the glory
of the moon
eclipsing the sun.
And I, at his funeral,
heard this story
remembered marveling
at the eclipse
with my young daughters,
and knew he had
as close as life can come
to a perfect ending.

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Maybe this is Day Zero?

Cytherean Dreams

There has to be
a Day One, when
before there is
nothingness and after
is light and dark
balance, creating
sun and moon
earth and sky
and all that follows
on their own paths
following their own hearts.
But before that day,
does it even seem
In the depths of the
nothing, how
can the light and dark
even dream
of the love pouring forth
from them
to fill the void?
There has to be
a point of choice
when the impossible
becomes real
and time and life
begin from there,
from then

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