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The Story Continues…

Just when I think
it’s about to end, that
there will be some
happy final point, the
next twist appears and
I have to laugh at
the audacity
the braiding  in of
people, new threads
in the cosmic tapestry
Fate spinning her loom
souls intertwined
as we travel together
for a time
on the Path.

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I praise You

for the story. For

the characters appearing

and diverting the plot

into new and exciting

delicious and enticing


I praise You

for the setting. For

the beauty of

a skyscraper sunset

over trees and houses

for the full moon

rising gracefully,

for serenity.

I praise You

for the context. For

the history, layers

of time unpeeling

through study and

memory and recognition

my soul touching theirs

and knowing, we’ve

touched before.

I praise You

for my heartbeat. For

the chakra energy swirling

animating every move

spirit dancing, or crying,

or exploding in ecstasy

as we lay entwined

after finding our heartbeats

merged into a single

syncopated rhythm.

I praise You

for my world, my life, my purpose.

And hope You

praise me, just for trying, every day.

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doesn’t exist. Not
the way we think
it should.
That someone would
match a list
or fulfill our dreams
or be anything
other than what
they truly are.
He’s not other
than what he is.
with whatever it was
in him
that spoke
to my soul
and set me aflame
and whatever it was
in him
that decided
to cut me out
of his world.

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Reblogging an old one that captures how I feel tonight…

Cytherean Dreams

I burn
I light the fire
that sparks and sputters
and shifts stories
into focus.
I make things happen
I change the path
I move the plot
I save the day,
if I can,
or die trying.
I am
the deus ex machina
the twist that’s revealed
the beginning that leads
to your happy ending.
But not mine, because
I burn.

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Soft Eyes

I see with soft eyes
background blurring past
but the path lit
with patches of recognition
of glowing figures
who appear and change
my world my life
always for the better
if I let them in
and don’t focus too much
on the details of what’s
slouching behind them
the darkness of their journeys
threatening to pull me
off my steed, galloping
through this wilderness
with speed enough
to keep me sane and moving
but slow enough to see
my loves, my soulmates
when they appear, soft
eyes resting on them
blurry golden halos
illuminating my way.

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Love is an invisible cord that nourishes
no matter the distance.
Connects and feeds and supports life
through dimensions of time and space
scanning thousands of miles
in an instant. Love is my soul
calling out to yours
and hearing an answer
deep in my heart and mind
that you love me too
and feel
the connection between us.

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New Path

We watched the ice skaters swirl
and the green wreaths twinkle in the night
and I felt warm and cozy and happy
snuggled in to the side of the man
who was my first love
who journeyed with me into the jungle
and diverged to a different path,
but back now, for one night.
For one night, we were intertwined again,
and the curves of his body
unlocked my heart again,
twenty years dropping away
in a tangle of legs, fingers, mouths.
I loved him then and love him still,
for bringing me joy again
and pointing the way for me,
on my own path,
into the brilliant sunshine ahead.