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The Everything

You are the everything,
inscribed in my ring.
A song he once gave me
my young heart to sing.

I was his everything
his moon and his stars
his life in my hands
his home became ours.

But being his everything
wasn’t enough.
I drowned, suffocating
expected to stuff

My feelings, my everything
down deep inside.
I did what was expected
of me, of his bride.

So being his everything
wasn’t for me,
I know, now alone,
on this winding journey.

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Weekly Photo Prompt – Lost in the Details

Weekly Photo Prompt
Weekly Challenge – Metaphor



I want you to love me
as a hummingbird loves
the flower, tongue
tasting inside
sweet with longing
heart singing, wings
beating invisibly fast
gorgeous jewel green
feathers gleaming
in the sunlight.

Chakra energy, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Hope, Love, Miracles, Questions


Why now?
For the first time
in three years
since my angel
flew away from me
I’m showing signs
of the possibility of
new life coming forth
and I’m scared because
does this mean I’m
healing or he is, maybe,
and that he’s so happy
with someone else,
planning yet another future
that doesn’t include me?
My head knows this journey
will be a long one, but
my heart looks at the empty
years ahead and weeps.
So why is my body singing
again, the song of
a new moon
a new life
to be born?

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Don’t worry, beloved,
I haven’t forgotten you.
As I say prayers of gratitude
you’re always in my soul
and just inside my lips
because you were the one
who reignited my fire
when it had almost died out
smothered under my fears and pain.
I cried and trembled
that first day
stopping and starting
and finally making my way
up the stairs
to sit, and let the unfamiliar
wash over me
until I realized that here
I did know the words
and the song
and it was exactly
what I needed to hear
to start healing
a wound I didn’t know
I had.
I haven’t forgotten you.
I just have to focus
on the blessings here
with me
because as grateful that I am
that you exist
I can’t be grateful
that you aren’t grateful
for me, too.

Courage, Home, Hope, Judaism, Miracles, Questions


Why did they bind her?
Wasn’t it enough
to pull her away from the Wall
to gag her singing voice
to push her to the floor
to strip away her clothing
but they had to shackle
her legs
and impose an order
that she couldn’t go home
couldn’t be who she is
for a month, too?
Why the shackles,
the extra restraints?
Because without them
she would run back
despite their bullying
she would lead
the women in song
once again
and they would have to see
once again
how weak they are
not being able to stand
to bear the ecstasy
the glory of
half of God’s creation.
But God calls her back
to sing
and Loves to hear
her voice.

Beauty, Courage, Hope, Journeys, Love, Miracles


I dreamt about you
right after I met you.
Dreamt of us kissing
and you
standing before a crowd
pulling me on stage
to introduce me
to the adoring fans
of your rock band.
You were the lead
singer and guitarist
and had
a dragon tattoo
running the length
of your arm.
And then you
pulled me to
the bakery counter
where you had
my birthday cake
waiting for me
another dragon
for me to eat.
I do love dragons.
But how did
you know?

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Home, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Miracles


There is no other soul
in this multi-planed
that vibrates with me
as you do.
No other resonates
strikes the inner chord
deep in my heart
that sounds like
angels singing, and
creates the golden glow
of us, together.
So you are irreplaceable
unique in my universe
and loved beyond words, just
for how you vibrate
when I am near.