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We are all one, all

flesh all souls all spirits all


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Dreams Come True

With you, I’ve
revived teenage glories
mingled with poets
pandered politicians
sailed south on a summer cruise
screamed in joy on roller coasters
kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve
spoken my own words at an open mike
laughed heartily and daily
put the children to bed as you wash dishes
held hands in every movie
woken cuddled in smiles
flown above the ocean waves

A short list
of the fantasies
you’ve made real
with no real attempt
at being fantastic
just honest truth
that this is how you live
to make my dreams
come true.

With you, I’ve
been set free to soar.

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I awake this morning not knowing

where you are or

if you’ll return, whole and healed,

come back to me with 

newfound strength and confidence

or never return again just

letting me leave, without you, and

in my uncertainty, I remember

my own words, read aloud 

one year ago today,

our prophet, your brother, spoke

proclaimed for all to hear –

I have Faith in our love and 

I have Faith in you and

that is all the certainty I need.

Chakra energy, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Home, Love, Marriage, People

Toothpaste and Tobacco

In the dark, lying face-to-face
the most intimate moment
of vulnerability, of openness, and
I smell, I taste the faint
hint of toothpaste, minty memory
hovering over the merest whiff
of tobacco, the remnant of your last
solitary walk outside for the night.
I drink them in, my bedtime aperitif,
dizzy and falling into your lingering mouth.

Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Family, Friends, Fun, Gratitude, Hope, Love, Marriage


Glass flowers bloom
from regal damask walls,
luminous creamy white
brilliance, casting shadows
onto a woodland carpet
made for dancing, twirling,
with billowing chiffon skirts
gracefully draping, in time
with the dulcimer downbeat.
A beautiful celebration
of a beautiful love.

Catholicism, Fun, Gratitude, Judaism, Miracles, Truth


My poetic husband’s take on the Flood….

Andre's Blog

The fish were nonplussed by The Flood
They wouldn’t know Noah from Adam
The Deluge made their world huge
For forty days and forty nights
Earth was ironically named
The Marine reigned supreme

Aquatic life was not winnowed down to pairs
Crammed into Ark compartments
They had more than enough cubits
The Lord’s fury and sadness
Was landlocked, not offshore
The wicked and corrupt
Swarming walkers and crawlers
Were submerged by
Broke open skies and geysers from the deep

As seas rose over the highest apexes
The fishes flourished
Swam over forests, fins were wings
And kelp floated where clouds once were
These were prosperous halcyon times
For the hydrosphere, a gilded age for the guiltless gilled

It is written that this liquid cataclysm
Killed an antediluvian evil
And when that drowned and died
The oceans subsided, land dried
And people were fruitful and multiplied

This is only one side…

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