Courage, Empathy, Family, Healing, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Marriage, New Paths, Pain, People


Remember, my love,
nolite te bastardes

Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Pain, People, Truth


I’d be happier
for you
if you weren’t
so miserable
if the announcement
of your supposed joy
wasn’t heralded
by regressing
back, desperately
trying to remember
who you are
who you were
as you drown
sucked into
her world.
I hope you’re happy.
But I feel,
in crushing waves,
your misery.

Childhood, Empathy, Family, Friends, Gratitude, Healing, Home, Hope, Journeys, Love


Something about the seasons
shifting from static winter
into blooming spring
quickening heartbeat
new potential born
and so many turning points
happened here, long ago,
when I joined with
those men who changed me
turned me into wife
and mother and
my life’s work come
into fruition here too
and this year brought
new love and new life
already withered
on the vine, frozen
while still in bud.
I remember
my anniversaries today
and hope for new growth
from this year’s
warm sunshine.