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Getting Closer

Am I getting closer?
Learning the lessons
of what works,
who might
be worthwhile
for me to invest in
and leaving the hard work
of retribution
of negative karma
behind me, at last?
Or will this be
another episode in my drama
another one-dinner-wonder
just a little distraction
to keep me sane
but interim, after all?
I think
I need a little sanity
right now.
And I’m getting closer
to seeing, to knowing
that crazy, dizzy in love
might just be too crazy
to live with, after all.

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Daily Prompt: If I Only Had Another Me

Daily Prompt: Clone Wars
If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Another Me

Another me, to take
over part of my life
and make it their own
take responsibility
for the cleaning
or the second job
or the third job
or the children
or the cooking
or the finances
or the keeping up with friends
and family and maybe
the traveling, too.
I need at least five
others, these clones
to really make this work.
I know, I hear the question
all the time.
How do you do it all?
Simple answer.
I don’t.

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Daily Love Quote: #16 (Jason Mraz)

The Trouble with Lying

I teach my children
who like all, sometimes lie
that I know it’s easy to lie, and
it’s not that it makes you
feel bad. No one
can tell, sometimes, not
even me. And you’ll likely
feel smart, even smarter
than your mommy.
But that’s not why it’s wrong.
It’s wrong because you become
fake, a parody
of the real you.
You won’t trust anyone
to love you
for who you are, because
all they’ll know
is the fake you
that you show the world.
And you’ll start to believe
the real you
doesn’t deserve
to be loved
because don’t they all
just want to hear
what you’re telling them now?
You’ll lose yourself
in your own lies
and your heart will wither.
Give me, give the world
a chance to celebrate
your realness,
your messy authenticity
and you won’t ever
even want to lie.

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Did you think
my warning wasn’t real
that I was lying when I said
that any act of love
connects me
and it’s a risk
for me
because I’ll feel it
the exhilarating soaring ups and
the shivering frigid downs?
It’s real. I
feel it, and I
feel you and
I’ll try to disconnect
because that’s what
you want but
you’re in my soul
now, and I warned you.
If you didn’t want me
to care so much, then
why did you charge ahead

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Daily Prompt: I’m Grateful for You

Daily Prompt

I’m Grateful for You

A perfect line
from a throwaway movie
a romantic comedy
no one saw but me, but
it had my favorite people
and my favorite setting and
silliness ensued and
John says to Julia
after all the craziness,
I’m grateful for you.
And they lived happily
ever after? Probably not
with these two and
this family and the press
and the scandal but
they were happy, and real
living together,
grateful for the sun
grateful for the moon
grateful for the stars
and grateful for you.

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Daily Prompt – Playlist for the Week

Daily Prompt – Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.

Dashboard Confessional: Hands Down

Imagine Dragons: On Top of the World

Straylight Run: Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

Ingrid Michaelson: Take Me The Way I Am

Two Door Cinema Club: He Sleeps Alone


If you disappear tomorrow,
you’re part of the pantheon still
I said, knowing that my life
was good before and
would be good again even
if all I had from this
momentous week was
memories, going forward,
if he decided I
was too intense, too much,
and disappeared
back into the mists
he came from,
feeling strong then
as I said those words.
But weak now, eyes puffy
from my night that before
would have been wonderful
but now was just lonely and
I found out how much harder
it is to live where I was
knowing what could be instead.

Chakra energy, Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Pain


Reality and poetry
physical and spiritual
two worlds I live in
at once, bleeding
over into each other
the happiness on one side
fueling work that must
be done or
my world might end
but the draining
sadness of always
missing you being actual
and solid and real and
there for me to see and touch
spills over too and
this yin yang pull
back and forth each side
disconnected from you
is no way to live.