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The Co-Chairs recognized the Honorable Eldest Daughter, who introduced a measure to amend dinner by easing ice cream restrictions & lifting the Salad Mandate.

The Distinguished Junior Daughter seconded & the Amendment was debated on the floor. The Kitchen Cabinet testified that the Motion was out of order & the Subject was tabled.

The Discipline & Rules Committee issued findings on the effectiveness of “time-out” sequestering & recommended the further study of grounding alternatives.

An emergency funding request for toys was vetoed by the Executive Council due to a failure to adhere & comply with homework regulations in a consistent, orderly & timely manner.

A symbolic non-binding resolution to extend fixed limits on television monitoring was passed by the Child Caucus without comment.

A House Member was censored for violating the “no name calling” provisions of this afternoon’s Sibling Ceasefire Agreement.

The Proposal to adjourn for bedtime was filibustered &…

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Daily Prompt: Israel Speaks

Daily Prompt: Finding good in something horrible like war or violence

I tried.
For hundreds, thousands
of years, I tried to
be born, through
calling them home and
negotiations and
pleading our case
to the powers that were
to the new powers that replaced
the old ones, when they fell.
But the nations, the others
stood firm against my rebirth.
Until my children died
mowed down in a sea of blood
ripped to shreds in madness
and global warfare raged
evil unmasked, horrifically naked
six million martyred
and then I was reborn.
I wish to God,
even God wishes
there could have been
another way