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Making the Bed

I need it, the comfort of

a well-made bed. It marks

day from night, time

to sleep and time to wake

A made bed gives structure.

Order from chaos.

But he couldn’t care less, in fact

he likes it messy, likes to see

life as lived in. So

when I come home, drained from the day

and I see our bed made, which

he did, not me, I had left long before,

I don’t see a bed.

I don’t see a metaphor.

I don’t see a tidy house.

I see a gift. I see unconditional love.

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Before You

I was triumphant then, flying

carried aloft newfound freedom.

I was abundant then, flowing

ripeness gushing open heart.

I was fearless then, unknowing

ignorant of pain, doubt.

I was bold and brash then, leaping

into brave new opportunities.

I am old and hurting now, limping

pains shooting in aching joints.

I am morose and moody now, knowing

you didn’t want me, not even at my peak.

I am fierce and fed up now, unwilling

to forget or stay silent or shrink.

And I will be me again, returning

to what was me before finding you.

A phoenix reborn.

A goddess healed.

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Good Karma

May the good you do come back to you.

Cytherean Dreams

She walked quickly down
the street
followed by a
screaming man
obscenities thrown
at her, insane miming
about what he would do
to her,
if he could,
and she trembled, turned back
and ended up
next to me.
Not on purpose.
I was part of the scenery
to her. She thought
she was alone
in the daylight
on a busy street
with no one caring
about her plight.
But I moved forward
stood with her
and spoke and kept
her safe, and a
gentleman tried to come
to our rescue, but
we didn’t need it then.
We thanked him, and left
and I drove her
the short distance
to her friends and safety
and she smiled as she left me
and said this was
good karma, to start
this year.
I shrugged
and smiled
because I don’t care
if this
comes back to me
or not.
I’m just tickled

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Love in Perspective

Lucky in love!

Cytherean Dreams

I could hear the laugh in your voice
the lilting, joyful sound of you
realizing how lucky you are
how lucky we are
that we even have an us
and then, to be apart,
but not really, still able
to talk every day and
love every minute and
know that we will be together
soon, and safe.
It was good to hear
that ease in your voice again
as we laugh together
in our good fortune.
So many aren’t as lucky.

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The Story Continues…

Just when I think
it’s about to end, that
there will be some
happy final point, the
next twist appears and
I have to laugh at
the audacity
the braiding  in of
people, new threads
in the cosmic tapestry
Fate spinning her loom
souls intertwined
as we travel together
for a time
on the Path.

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Thinking about the journey today.

Cytherean Dreams

Here’s what I’ve learned
since my breakdown began.
I’ve learned about boundaries
and pain and how love is not
enough to build a life but
love and values and goals and fun are.
I’ve learned about empathy
and walls and how connections
remain strong despite years
or distance or lifetimes.
I’ve learned about destiny,
and the plan, and signs
that point the way to
greater joy and evolution.
I’ve learned about gratitude
and blessings and strength
through healing others with
my powerful energy.
And I’ve learned that you
are a godsend, but
that doesn’t mean
I own you or you owe me.
It just means I’m happier
knowing you exist and
wiser for learning
the lessons from knowing
from loving you.

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Courage, Empathy, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Healing, Home, Hope, Journeys, Love, Miracles, New Paths, People


Not that old of a poem, but so much has changed since then…

Cytherean Dreams

Someday, I hope,
I’ll look back on today
on these days of turmoil
of upheavals and tears
and shake my head, smiling
wondering at the twists
and turns
that brought me to you.
Someday, when we’re cuddling
by a fireplace
warm and bright.

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