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Rancho Mirage

Is this a dream, a hallucination, a

mirage wavering, watery with green grass

sparkling watery pools, fountains dancing,

palm trees bent by invisible hands, growing

leeward and then straight, sky bound?

This can’t be real. The world isn’t this good,

this pure happiness of beauty and calm

and perfect 79 degrees warm and sunny

doesn’t exist. But I am here.

Even if this melts into nothingness. I

am here, now, lost in the illusion of peace.

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Easter Sunday 2016

Logged on to post
about how much
I love Cadbury’s crème eggs
and saw instead
that 65 people
mostly women
blown up by a suicide bomber
in Pakistan, with
another 280 injured.
There is no respite today.
My prayers again to the world
for renewal of spirit,
for healing of our sickness,
and for peace in our time.

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Cytherean Dreams

Do you feel broken?
Are you lying somewhere
empty, drained out
of hope and love
worried for your future
and thinking, as
your heart sinks
that you’ll never see
your dreams
in front of you
never know
the sweetness
of living a pure
and profound life?
Are you broken, beloved?
Can you find
the peace within yourself
be calm and listen
and put yourself together

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Shalom is your new name.
The completeness, the peace
that comes from knowing
in the deepest sense
I have found.
I have found you.
You have found me.
And there’s no need to seek

Childhood, Courage, Death, Empathy, Family, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Pain, People, Regret


The demon lies, whispering
in your jealous ear
that I’m the problem
I’m the cause
of your unhappiness
and your pain, stabbing,
I must be, because
weren’t you happy, then
and now, you’re not, and
why not me, my
fat deadweight, selfish brat,
always demanding attention,
keeping you from getting
the respect and devotion
that is so rightfully yours?

I cast you out, demon.
Leave my brother in peace.
Let him heal, and see.
Let him remember himself
and not rewrite history
with your vicious lies.

I cast you back
to burn
in your Hell.
Leave us alone
to create
our own Heaven.

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Family, Fun, Healing, Love, Truth


I’m proud of you, I said,
because my heart swelled
seeing you, in your element,
strong and sure and able
and what you do
makes the system work
makes our world work
as it should, so
yes, just because
you are
who you are and
you do
what you do
I’m proud of you.
And I’m proud of me
for bringing you peace
with these simple words.

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Fun, Gratitude, Journeys, Love, People, Truth

No Need

No need to scream out to the stars.

No need to hide away.

No need to wonder if you’ll see

these words I write today.

No need to cross my heart and hope

that you will hold me dear.

No need to purge pain from the past

or wallow in my fear.

For you have brought a peace and calm

to light my future bright.

I know you’ll be my steadfast friend,

my comfort, and my knight.

No need to fear you leaving me.

Your brilliant love is all I see.