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there are not, young one. Do not
be fooled by Darkness.

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Butterfly Migration

I remember I was driving
and it wasn’t a dream but
real life, one day, when
I was heading to what was then
as close as I could come
to a holy place,
the mall in the OC,
alone in the car
a new mother-to-be, gravid
my daughter still growing
inside my swollen belly
and they found me
thousands of bright orange
butterflies, huge wings
soaring above and around and over
my car, heading in the same direction
but on their own path.
It really happened, I swear.
For one day, before I became
who I am, the goddess
Butterfly Maiden sent her servants
to fly with me.

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Re-blogged random post…one of the greatest lessons I learned years ago was that the potential for change and growth is the greatest gift we have.

Cytherean Dreams

The only surety
in life
is change, that
the greatest power
we have
the greatest gift
from the universe
is our own ability
to see options
to move towards light
to recognize
when a choice made
might not be right,
after all,
and to turn, then,
in a new direction.
That’s how we learn
how we grow
by searching for
our own place
until we find
where we shoot
our roots deep
into the rich soil
reaching down
and up, at once
grounding in the earth
bringing the energy upward
as we reach toward
the stars.

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Together means your demons
become mine, and I gladly
pick up my sword and
charge into battle, for you.

Together means my charges
become yours, and you gladly
lay down your arms and
nurture them, for me.

Together means we stand linked
our shared destinies binding
into a cosmic path of fire
burning bright ahead, for us.

Forever together, yours mine ours,
braiding intertwined, without end.




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Written long ago in a totally different context, but so appropriate for today.

Cytherean Dreams

You said once
that I was amazing,
wonderful and
one of the strongest people you knew.
But you never saw me
Before you, I was weak,
so needy that I had
no ability to stand
alone or see what it was
that I needed
to be me.
You brought me strength
and clarity
by being you.
Now I feel your weakness
and your dizziness
and confusion,
and my heart breaks
feeling your pain.
Be strong, my dear one,
and see your path ahead.
Bring along those you love
as you forge
your own destiny.
Feel my love travel with you
and know
who you are.

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Have you been trained,
she asked me, as we talked,
to sing? Have you
ever thought
of being like me, and
following my path?
Of singing holy songs
of praise and worship?
Of leading our people in song?
Of being the person they turn to
in times of need and trouble
to help heal their wounds?
Not her words, but mine,
because that’s what she meant.
What she said was,
I can hear it in your voice,
when all I’d done was speak.
What she said was,
You’d be very good.

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Maybe this is Day Zero?

Cytherean Dreams

There has to be
a Day One, when
before there is
nothingness and after
is light and dark
balance, creating
sun and moon
earth and sky
and all that follows
on their own paths
following their own hearts.
But before that day,
does it even seem
In the depths of the
nothing, how
can the light and dark
even dream
of the love pouring forth
from them
to fill the void?
There has to be
a point of choice
when the impossible
becomes real
and time and life
begin from there,
from then

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