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This is what marriage is – I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. Time to let me charge into battle while you lay down your arms. Time to stand together, forever braided intertwined.

Cytherean Dreams

Together means your demons
become mine, and I gladly
pick up my sword and
charge into battle, for you.

Together means my charges
become yours, and you gladly
lay down your arms and
nurture them, for me.

Together means we stand linked
our shared destinies binding
into a cosmic path of fire
burning bright ahead, for us.

Forever together, yours mine ours,
braiding intertwined, without end.

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Chakra energy, Empathy, Family, Journeys, Love, Marriage, People


It’s the little things
the day-to-day details
binding us together
the food sustaining us
because if
you don’t share it
all with me and
I don’t share it
all with you then
the us that is
both you and me
would wither, malnourished
starving from neglect.
The details matter, and
I’m hungry for them all.


Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Home, Journeys, Love, Marriage, Miracles, People, Truth


Your understanding washes over me
in warm waves, comforting and uplifting
my soul. How do you do it? For you see
exactly what I need, and your lilting
voice wraps around my worries and my fears
to lull me into drowsy contentment.
No need to cast anchor, to fret over tears,
I can float in your kindness, for it’s meant
the world to me, to know you that you love
no matter what act I do, or my path.
You, steadfast ever, whilst I float above
your warmth filling me, floating in this bath.
You are my godsend, my treasure, my gem.
I found you at last, amidst all of them.

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Daily Prompt: The List

Daily Prompt

I miss the communicative and sweet part. That was a real gift.

Cytherean Dreams

So much openness, but
I still kept secrets.
Like my leather-bound book
the one I hide
in plain sight
with the list inside
to keep me grounded
and sane, knowing
that love, even
unconditional love
is never enough
for a happy life.
I made a list
to remind myself
anchor myself
in what I knew I needed.
Inquisitive, optimistic,
Jewish in his heart and soul,
caring, sexy,
fair, open-minded,
considerate and warm,
enthusiastic, insightful,
sexually spiritual,
joyful and grounded,
purposeful and balanced,
mindful, flowing,
self-aware, and
secure in his strength,
loving and respectful,
knowledgeable, communicative
and sweet.
A wish list, a hope
to find such a man,
such as you. And
all I can do now
is wish and hope
that this, that I
am not too much to take
am what you
wished for, too.

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