Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Gratitude, Love, Miracles, Truth

Breathe Deep

Step outside, and
breathe deep, in, slowly
dark softness surrounding you
as you walk, mystified
at the glowing half-moon above
and the steady star pulling
your breath out, slowly, into
itself, exploding fragrant stardust
for you to breathe in, deep.

Beauty, Courage, Hope, Journeys, New Paths, Questions

Midnight Sun

We’ll go there one day.
It’s on the list.
That list of all the exotic places
we want to experience, together,
and I see the future,
bright with midnight sunlight
a place so far away from us now
I can’t see the way there
can’t imagine what it must be like
to stand in sun
while the clocks say night.
How can we get there tomorrow
when I don’t even know
where I stand today?
Does tomorrow have any meaning
if there’s never any dark?

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Family, Healing, Home, Journeys, Love, Pain, People


Ambling onwards, feverish,

knowing that

his cure lies

in her arms, the

wanderer stumbles

through his dark night

and knocks, twice quickly,

at his love’s door.

I’m sick, he says plaintively,

and she pauses,

then opens

her arms

her heart

her powers

to absorb like a sponge

the gangrenous mists

clouding his vision.

She cleanses

his wounds, and

builds new walls,

new strength

for him as

he grounds himself

in her, for

she is his home now

and he wanders

through the night

knowing he has a

place, a part,

in her bed

in her family

in her love

to return to.

Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Fun, Gratitude, Home, Love, Miracles, Questions


Content on the couch. How

mundane and boring and amazing

in my simple happiness

our sharing of the boring

mixed effortlessly with the unforgettable

in a day of sweetness topped

with a night of mystic moonlight

absorbing your gentle smiles

your head on my lap,

sprawling carelessly.

Haven’t we always had this ease?

This perfect pairing

of us on

the comfort of my couch?

Childhood, Courage, Empathy, Home, Love, Pain, Regret


The demons came last night
stole my rest and
drive my children
into madness, screaming
until I screamed too,
trembling and crying
for mercy, horrified
at what they, what I
had done
in the darkest hours.
We lay bereft
until your words came
back and
restored my sanity
and I yielded to love
instead of selfish anger
and we cuddled
all together and
all was healed
again. Another
sleepless night.
This one
left its mark
a dark hidden bruise
a reminder to only me
that the demons were here
after all.

Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Fun, Gratitude, Greek mythology, Journeys, Miracles



Fecund russet rising sphere
calmly captivating with
her beauty and grace, she
glides slowly upwards
turning pale glowing white
blessed angelic halos appearing
in our eyes, with her shine,
as she illumines her path
calm seas dancing below
candlelight sparkles on
waves crashing, ecstatic
as she ascends
into the night.