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Night Two

Half of me
want you to stumble
in whatever condition
through the door
just so I know
you’re alive.

Half of me
wants to never see
you again in that state
and hopes you stay
far away because
you’re dead

Inside, I mean.
Your spirit has already
died, and all I can do now
is pray for a miracle
for a phoenix
for rebirth.

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Written 8 months ago. Met my fiance 2 days later.

Cytherean Dreams

It’s a miracle
that people
find the heart and will
to build again, amidst
the ruins and destruction
the shattered dreams
torn in two,
the agony of dying
wishes that once gave life
shape and meaning.
With all that weighing
us down, heads drooping,
it’s astonishing
that loves blooms again
bursting through
in new shapes and forms
in unexpected glory
all the more beautiful
from the loss, before.
It will never look
the same as what once was
but it is, she is,
he is, I am
beautiful, nonetheless.

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Wishing for something,
there’s no guarantee,
who will appear
to help set me free.
The wishing is tiring
and all I want to be
is with you, sitting there
on the bench next to me.
One miracle manifest
made flesh and blood.
My inner dream come true
heart burst in a flood.
A musician, a thinker,
a father, a friend.
Manifest and then vanished
woke up at dream’s end.
So where do I go
after dreaming, to be
held in some new arms.
I don’t know. Is that me?
Can I overcome
my heart’s longing and see
that I have a chance
to still dance merrily?

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Today’s Miracle

So why do you care?
the young one asked me.
Why do you keep doing this?
And I told him,
Because every time I show up
I either learn something
I needed
to grow spiritually, or
I help someone who needed
to be helped, or
I make some connection
that needed to happen.

Or sometimes, I get a day
like today,
when I had all three.
Because I showed up
the night before
another single woman
she could talk to
alone since her husband
of half a century
died just four months ago
she had someone
to sit with, someone
to say, hope to see you
tomorrow morning
at a time of joy.

She found me today
and thanked me
told her I gave her strength
to return.
Knowing that I wanted
her there
gave her the courage
to brave the cold
and make the journey.
I helped her, she said,
but she was my miracle today
and its people like her
who make my world
brighter, every time.

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Do you have any idea
how miraculous you are?
Ignore the generations
who lived and loved
so you could exist.
Ignore the wonder
of your body, perfect
and stunningly beautiful
in its balance and grace.
Just think of your path
of every wrong turn
that turned out to be
exactly right
to give you, give us
what we needed all along
even as we thought
we wanted something else.
The miracle of you
is how you change the world
for the better
with every step.