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Sending healing thoughts from miles away.

Cytherean Dreams

My head wasn’t here
but thousands of miles
away, all day
as I struggled to stay
here and focused
and had moments of
being present, but
so many more of
seeing you or being
at your side.
The miles are supposed
to separate us
to keep a safe distance
but why do I feel you
so close today
crossing miles in
an instant thought?

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More or Less

They speak the language
that I struggle to understand
can only repeat
the words I know by heart
can’t formulate new thoughts
so are they more than me?
Or am I any less?
Of here, but not,
believing the same words
but with more nuanced
meanings, shades
of my own culture seeping
in from thousands of miles
does this make me less?
Or more, because I
struggle still
to understand, and
redeem myself
in struggling?

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It makes no sense
no logical reason but
it feels like you’re here
like I could have
might have the potential
of turning a corner
or glancing over and
there you would be
larger than life still
the space around you
bending, curving in
on itself to make room
for you, force of nature
that you are. It feels
like you could show up
at my door tonight or
tomorrow, come home
where you know
you’re missed and
could fill up that empty
space inside with
the radiant energy
of our sacred space.
It makes no sense
with you thousands of
miles away, but
I feel you here, tonight.

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Every night, I grow
larger, my glow
increasing as I travel
again through birth
and death and rebirth
anew, some days apart
from you, my sun
and glory
and some days
in the sky with you
shining together.
I’m always changing
and evolving, beloved,
but you, I hope,
in your own orbit
shine bright with your
nuclear power, hot
and burning from
distances even light
needs time to travel
and I feel your heat
warming me, my light
glowing whiteness
because you exist.
I wax ecstatic
moonlight knowing
the sun dances with
me every day.