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Thankful, 2016

I am thankful for adversity.
For evil so naked
it gives me strength to fight,
exhausted as I am.

I am thankful for allies.
For surprising support from
unexpected places,
rising from the wreckage.

I am thankful for sight.
For all media, all recordings, all
memories immortalized and broadcast,
so we can truly see.

I am thankful for love.
For brothers and sisters of all kinds,
lifting each other up to
reach the unattainable.

And I am thankful for you.
For sharing this journey
and for always striving
to walk in the light.

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I praise You

for the story. For

the characters appearing

and diverting the plot

into new and exciting

delicious and enticing


I praise You

for the setting. For

the beauty of

a skyscraper sunset

over trees and houses

for the full moon

rising gracefully,

for serenity.

I praise You

for the context. For

the history, layers

of time unpeeling

through study and

memory and recognition

my soul touching theirs

and knowing, we’ve

touched before.

I praise You

for my heartbeat. For

the chakra energy swirling

animating every move

spirit dancing, or crying,

or exploding in ecstasy

as we lay entwined

after finding our heartbeats

merged into a single

syncopated rhythm.

I praise You

for my world, my life, my purpose.

And hope You

praise me, just for trying, every day.

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Awakening, feverish,
memories of you
hovering over me
effortlessly exposed
and you grinned and said
I woke up today dreaming
about you, about that moment
and fevered and shaking
you haunted my hands
as I lost myself in you.
So I reached
up for you and
pulled you close
never thinking
that would be
the last time I could.
Fevered aching today
and wondering
do you ever still
dream, and wake sweating
lost in memories
of me?

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Reposting, one year later.

Cytherean Dreams

Even with hundreds of faces
of people in the room
you always shone brighter
the sun rising in
your eyes, to me.
It almost didn’t matter
that I had a purpose
to being there
beyond you, beyond learning.
I was there to build
connections and bridges,
to lead a lost woman
to her place in her home,
to meet the giants
my future teachers and guides,
all of that was true.
But it’s also true
that you, sitting there,
shone bright
a blazing beacon
casting aside all doubt
that there could ever be
anyone else
in my sight.

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I am, for you, silly
beyond belief
hoping against hope
that you remember
me and miss
the feel of my skin
soft beneath your hand
or the laugh in my eyes
delighting in your words
silly fantasies of
sudden appearances or
a note that will arrive
on a golden cloud
to carry me off
into your dreamland.
Yes, I am a silly girl.
To dream still of you,
who’s given no sign
of remembering me
at all.

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Sometimes I wish
I could forget, even
knowing the challenge
is gratitude for both
my blessing and its end.
Still. The end hurts
and the two months, today,
of living with
a gift lost
the memory of your touch
haunting my dreams
and I’m so sick
of crying, mourning
living with the images
endless repeating films
behind my eyes
wouldn’t life just
flow easier
if I could just

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They were brown, that night
when we met and you
found me
new and exciting
clothed in a different era
and you were eager then
to join
to become part of
the family, our clan.
You needed the cleansing
your aura tainted
staining your eyes dingy
with the weight
of your travels
your journey
your still broken heart.
The next time, ocean blue
eyes, you said, but
I saw sky
bright eggshell
the promise of crystal spring
dazzling topaz sparkle
words and ideas and energy
flowing easier now
deepening to rich azure
later, under
moonlight and
drizzle-infused arcs
full spectrum dancing
in your everlasting bright eyes.