Chakra energy, Empathy, Family, Gratitude, Healing, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Marriage, New Paths, Truth


Asymptotic love – both fulfilled and evolving.  

Childhood, Empathy, Family, Gratitude, Home, Journeys, Love, Marriage, Truth

One Day

You’re perfect,
because of this one day.
Because you can rise
and live with us
and love with us
and bring more joy
to our lives and our home
and be our chaperone
when we need one
and step aside
when we need to lead
and keep your own life
even while sharing ours.
It’s not just the one day
coming soon, next year,
when we’ll join our lives
with legal vows.
It’s every day until then,
and every day after,
each one, one day.

Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Love, Marriage, Miracles, New Paths, Truth

Because of You

Because of you
I believe again
in the plans and the path
in the light and the love
in the future and forever.

Because of you
my heart sings again
with poetry and promise
with joy and jubilation
with gratitude and growth.

All, because of you.

Courage, Empathy, Fun, Gratitude, Healing, Journeys, Love, Marriage, New Paths, People

Four Months

Tomorrow will be four months time,
since I first saw you, in the street,
huge grin to see me standing there,
for now it was our time to meet.
We sat together side-by-side
so comfy with you from the start.
We talked for hours, then held hands,
sweet kiss you took to snare my heart.
The weeks apart gave space to heal
from pasts and wounds still needing time.
Our new fresh start began, and then,
so easily, we found our prime.
In just four months, you’ve changed my life.
In nine months more, I’ll be your wife.

Courage, Empathy, Family, Journeys, Love, New Paths, Truth


They’ll come later, the vows
that will tie us, bind us in a
beautiful merging, our energies blending
into a new entity, this union, that
will be ours to create, nurture, and grow.

They’ll come later, the words
that perfectly express how deep
my love for you runs through me and
how you have become inseparable
from my future, from my soul.

They’ll come later, the new
paths explored together, as we
lead each other through the joys
of heights traversed, holding hands.

But for today, a promise, unbreakable,
that the vows, words, and new will all come.


Courage, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Home, Journeys, Love, Miracles, People

The Wedding

It’ll be beautiful, not
They aren’t caricatures
planning each detail
to supposed perfection.
They didn’t book a hall
two years in advance
or hire a planner
to oversee the perfect
flowers and music and
timing of their hectic day.
They just knew
in their hearts
they married each other
years ago, and now
the rest of US
have caught up
and they can finally
stand together
facing a judge, and say
I love you forever
and will forever
be yours.
No other details
matter, in this