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Daily Prompt: Israel Speaks

Daily Prompt: Finding good in something horrible like war or violence

I tried.
For hundreds, thousands
of years, I tried to
be born, through
calling them home and
negotiations and
pleading our case
to the powers that were
to the new powers that replaced
the old ones, when they fell.
But the nations, the others
stood firm against my rebirth.
Until my children died
mowed down in a sea of blood
ripped to shreds in madness
and global warfare raged
evil unmasked, horrifically naked
six million martyred
and then I was reborn.
I wish to God,
even God wishes
there could have been
another way

Courage, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Journeys, Love, Questions, Regret

Time Travel

I want to say
that I would go back
and change those days
of pain and madness
and turn them somehow
into something good.
If I had just listened more
if I had just questioned more
if I had just argued less
if I had just pushed less
wouldn’t life be different
now, with less pain?
Wouldn’t that be better?

Maybe not. Would
it have been better
if you had no one
telling you that how
you treated me
was wrong?
Would it have been better
to be your appendage
your subsidiary
as I would have become?
Would it have been better
to pretend
I didn’t feel as I did
at the time, angry
enough to cut you off
from my love and
desperate enough
to go home to
give you up?

I want to travel
back in time
and change those days.
I just have no idea
what I would change
them to.

Healing, Journeys, Love, Miracles, New Paths, Pain, Questions


We will have to talk, someday,
or this broken hopelessness
will never heal. We have to
work this through
and it doesn’t mean
that you have to agree
to my dreams
or to be who I
think you are.
It doesn’t mean
you have to buy in
to my madness
and agree with me
that all I’ve written
is true.
You don’t have to see
to live
my version of reality.
But its good you know its there.
And all I ever wanted
was to hear your side
to listen as you tell me
your truth
and find out what your reality
looks like, from where you are.
So, where are you?
And can we talk?

Empathy, Home, Journeys, Questions


Someone came here this week
didn’t leave his? her? name
but just visited me
and read
all of my heart’s outpourings
jumbled up together
a portrait of me
that I used to hide in my attic
but now show to the world.
My visitor knows me now
better, perhaps
than even I do
seeing patterns in my madness
that I can’t see
being too close
and too blind
to my faults
even as I try to fix myself
through my outpourings.
He? She? knows me,
but I don’t know
can’t see
even the name
can only count
where they’ve been
in my dreamworld.

Courage, Death, Empathy, Greek mythology, Heartbreak, Home, Pain, Regret


I see disaster ahead,
screaming madness, self-destruction
on a massive scale that pulls down
what I love most. Destroys me.
But I have no power to avert it.
No ability to warn.
No warm comfort to drown myself in and forget.
Forget what I see, what I know
may happen. May not.
Certain in my uncertainty.