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A welcome surprise
to end my day
my candle burning bright
on the mantle
as never before
when the flickering frail flame
smothered under melted wax
would sputter into
nothingness, but now
for no reason
it lives, it breathes
it lights my darkness
and gives me hope
that my wish
will come true
will appear
in spontaneous
combustion, coming home
to me.

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She is

She is light embodied

A sly slyph twisting the world

To her whim, her whimsy showing

In her twinkling laugh, when


She connects with another creature

Be it animal or family or friend and

Links her will to their need.

She is effortless

and she changes the world.

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Dusk in the Fall in Los Angeles

I walk out
of the carefully controlled
environment of the grocery store
into a paradise, lights dimming,
slight tinge of cold
pink golden clouds stark
against bright blue still,
as the sun descends at 4:45 pm.
Can it really be turning
to darkness already,
this early in the day?
Doesn’t it stay blazing heat,
searing sunshine always?
No, it just seemed that way,
when we were in the grips
of unabated desert flames,
it seemed it would last forever.
But Autumn did come,
we fell into what
we call cold at sixty degrees,
and the crisp beauty
refreshes and cleanses
our souls, as day
becomes dusk becomes dark.

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Balance Sheet

As 5775 approaches, my thoughts from the new year two years ago.

Cytherean Dreams

One side, my
positives, my strengths
and beauty
that I bring to
this world,
in this life.
The other, my
weaknesses, my sins
the cruelty
I inflict upon others
when I ignore
their cries and pleadings.
Who is me?
Both, or all, or
the parts I love
but hate myself
as I lose control
and let the terrors
run wild?
It’s not mine
to answer,
but instead
to question
and strive
to tip the balance
to the light.

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Re-blogged random post…one of the greatest lessons I learned years ago was that the potential for change and growth is the greatest gift we have.

Cytherean Dreams

The only surety
in life
is change, that
the greatest power
we have
the greatest gift
from the universe
is our own ability
to see options
to move towards light
to recognize
when a choice made
might not be right,
after all,
and to turn, then,
in a new direction.
That’s how we learn
how we grow
by searching for
our own place
until we find
where we shoot
our roots deep
into the rich soil
reaching down
and up, at once
grounding in the earth
bringing the energy upward
as we reach toward
the stars.

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Because of You

Because of you
I believe again
in the plans and the path
in the light and the love
in the future and forever.

Because of you
my heart sings again
with poetry and promise
with joy and jubilation
with gratitude and growth.

All, because of you.

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Do you still believe in me?
In my powers
to bring light into the dark
shadows of ignorance, or
to lead you into battle
and bless your homes
when you return, victorious?
I am with you
in the mournful hoot of a barn owl
soaring through the night.
I am with you
in the love of man and wife
around hearth, in your home.
I am with you
in the moment of discovery
the flash of realization.
Believe in me again
and become one
with my light.