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Kind Words

Thank you

for your words, whether

Kind or not

Matters not

What matters is 

You wrote.

Took me months to look

At the abandoned page 

Empty for years so

I didn’t think to see 

But you wrote, as ever,

Exactly what I needed to hear

From my teacher, my spiritual guide

Through the journey 

The long turning of this decade.

Thank you

For your kind words, you

Once said to me.

And now to you. Thank you.

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Nothing will happen, I’m sure.
Nothing will come of it.
He’s too young, I’m too old.
I’m taken? I think?
He wouldn’t know
how to deal with
my connection, my need
to send my energy out.
He just won’t call me
won’t come to see me
or if he does, it will be
just to go and pray
or learn, not for
me at all.
But. It was a happy
surprise, to see
him sitting in my spot
young and intelligent
and kind and full of faith,
looking like my angel
and I’m not sure
but this time
I have to just
be happy
that it exists
the possibility of
a surprise.

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I never saw Eden
until I met you. I knew
the sweet spicy smell
of the Garden at dusk
but didn’t know
who could join me there
until I looked into your eyes
infinity staring back
kind and sweet and
loving, always even
when you didn’t
mean to be.
I think that’s why
you refused to see me.
So I couldn’t look into
your eyes again
and see the truth.

Hope, Journeys, Love, Miracles, New Paths


Wanted, one man who is
kind and joyful and sees
the mysteries and wants
to explore them, with me.
One man who doesn’t
judge my quirks
or disparage my emotions
but wants to swim
and play in the
swirls of my life.
One man who loves
my work and thinks that
my various forms of
teaching and saving
and playing my part
are all worthy
of his respect.
One man who will
laugh, often,
and who will know
that he is mine
and I am his
and both are
gifts from the universe
that loves us, both.
One man who wants
to save the world
with me at his side.