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I hope it rains
when I find him.
When my true one
comes to me and
promises me
his life
his soul
his energy
asks me
to join him
on his quest and
pledges his fealty
to mine,
I hope the rain
washes down then
so I can hear him
laugh in surprise
uplifting, exuberant
the irony of life
when he comes
home to me.

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A random post from the past that’s perfect for today.

Cytherean Dreams

The great irony
of my life
is my fear of
being alone, that
I will never have
a true partner
will never be able
to be honest and
have someone else
share my life.
And yet
I work, every day
every hour
every time my head swims
at being alone,
so I can hear
and know my
own thoughts
my feelings
while the echoes of him
pierce my heart
cloud my head.
I laughed when I saw it.
To be alone now
I have to work at it.
And I have no fear
because I’ve found
and I will never be
was never at all

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