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Found family

Found homes, found loves, found past lives

Isn’t that the point?

Beauty, Courage, Gratitude, Home


Dangerous guardians at the gate
buzzing heralds something unseen
my protectors seal your fate
if you dare enter here unclean.
I did not ask for their work here
I did not call for them to come
and yet I’m glad they found me near
and built their hive in my new home.
The flowers love them, as do I,
branches sing out merrily
rebirth and transformation nigh
honey flowing, from hive in tree.
I hope the bees protect us all
from monsters coming, dark and small.

Family, Gratitude, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Marriage, Miracles, Pain, People, Truth

Endings and Beginning

A time of endings led
to the new beginning of you.
Of me. Of us. Of our family.
Of missing you
when I’m not home
for dinner or
hoping that you’ll
roll over and cuddle me
in your sleep, as
you so often do, because
I love your dreamy loving arms
and I thank my God everyday
for those endings.
For every broken heart endured.
In clarity with pain,
I see your light.

Death, Heartbreak, Home, Judaism, Pain, Regret, Truth

Daily Prompt: Israel Speaks

Daily Prompt: Finding good in something horrible like war or violence

I tried.
For hundreds, thousands
of years, I tried to
be born, through
calling them home and
negotiations and
pleading our case
to the powers that were
to the new powers that replaced
the old ones, when they fell.
But the nations, the others
stood firm against my rebirth.
Until my children died
mowed down in a sea of blood
ripped to shreds in madness
and global warfare raged
evil unmasked, horrifically naked
six million martyred
and then I was reborn.
I wish to God,
even God wishes
there could have been
another way

Chakra energy, Empathy, Home, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Miracles, New Paths, Pain, People

Another Never

Never keeps
coming true
becoming truth
story unfolding
as the journey
continues, mobius
returning, never
ending solitude
and I always thought
I’d go there with you.
We’d return
after merging
our energies, pledging
ourselves to each other
to our people
we’d go home then
feel the grand design
click into place
with our return.
Not this time.
I travel alone, returning
with you
in spirit only,
our ceremonies
years past
haunt my steps
as you
through my eyes.

Chakra energy, Childhood, Courage, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Home, Love, People

Daily Prompt: My Mother

Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Strong and proud and
a beautiful queen in
her own right
my mother shows me
how to live.
How to be caring and
friends with everyone
I meet and
how to make my home
a good one
a safe one
for my own children
and how to juggle
work and love and community
always giving her best to all
and still growing, learning
never locked in stagnant stasis.
My mother is queen of her world
and the highest compliment
anyone could ever give
is I remind them
of her.