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Banging my head on
this same old wall. Can’t I just
stop, and walk away?

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A random post from the past that’s perfect for today.

Cytherean Dreams

The great irony
of my life
is my fear of
being alone, that
I will never have
a true partner
will never be able
to be honest and
have someone else
share my life.
And yet
I work, every day
every hour
every time my head swims
at being alone,
so I can hear
and know my
own thoughts
my feelings
while the echoes of him
pierce my heart
cloud my head.
I laughed when I saw it.
To be alone now
I have to work at it.
And I have no fear
because I’ve found
and I will never be
was never at all

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Chakra energy, Empathy, Gratitude, Healing, Heartbreak, Love, Miracles, Pain, Questions

Third Eye

I miss your third eye
most of all
those moments
when we entwined and
our third eyes found
in each other
locked together
magnetically sealed
into one and
you gazed into
the window of my soul
and named me beautiful
in your sight.
I know that’s why
you push me away
won’t see me again.
You’ll fall into
my beautiful spell
all the questions
in your heart pouring
out, your third eye
revealing who you are
who you could be
in my arms.
But what brings the fear
the icy spike throbbing
is what you see in
my third eye.
All my answers.
Always yes.

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Gray and sullen,
I once thought
this stone had nothing
to offer me. No
sparkle or glamour
why did he keep
giving it to me
as a gift, his way
of reaching me
when he wasn’t
by my side?
Now I know why.
This shield
the only stop, sometimes,
between me and
insanity, the hematite
protects and grounds
and he knew I’d need it
when he could shield me
no longer.
I need it today
with the fear pounding
through my brain
and grateful
hematite protects me

Chakra energy, Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Pain


The swings are the worst.
A day of high flying
too high, can’t keep my feet
anywhere near the ground
and then a crash downwards
fear pounding in my skull
as I hit the dirt and lie there
world spinning sickening dizzy
wondering, is any of this
worth it? Can’t I just live
like everyone else does
in the here and now, not
your was and then?

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Healing, Journeys, New Paths, Pain, Questions


I project onto you
all the love I wish I had
and the source of my aches
my head swimming, it all
seems to stem from
the shadow on the wall
my projected fears, no more
substantial than a dream.
But the pain is real,
this fear that fills me
of getting too close
of someone knowing all of me
of someone accepting
and even loving my sins
and salvations both.
The shadow cradles me
at night, and whispers
that all is
and will be
well, in the dark.