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Rancho Mirage

Is this a dream, a hallucination, a

mirage wavering, watery with green grass

sparkling watery pools, fountains dancing,

palm trees bent by invisible hands, growing

leeward and then straight, sky bound?

This can’t be real. The world isn’t this good,

this pure happiness of beauty and calm

and perfect 79 degrees warm and sunny

doesn’t exist. But I am here.

Even if this melts into nothingness. I

am here, now, lost in the illusion of peace.

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The demon lies, whispering
in your jealous ear
that I’m the problem
I’m the cause
of your unhappiness
and your pain, stabbing,
I must be, because
weren’t you happy, then
and now, you’re not, and
why not me, my
fat deadweight, selfish brat,
always demanding attention,
keeping you from getting
the respect and devotion
that is so rightfully yours?

I cast you out, demon.
Leave my brother in peace.
Let him heal, and see.
Let him remember himself
and not rewrite history
with your vicious lies.

I cast you back
to burn
in your Hell.
Leave us alone
to create
our own Heaven.

Beauty, Empathy, Family, Fun, Gratitude, Love, Marriage, Truth


I see you.

Well, not you,

not really, not

the you wherever

you lie sleeping tonight

but the you

you were two

short weekends ago

sprawled carelessly

happily languid

across my bed.

Our bed, now.

It’s your soul

haunting our bedroom

a ghost of you

that brings a ghost

of a smile

back to me.

You have such

gorgeous sprawl.

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Last Time

It’ll be the last time

I do this.

The last time

I wear a white gown

and give myself

become a gift and promise

and destiny at last

and so the question

guiding every choice,

what will I be sad if

I don’t have it, this time?

Because this is the last time.

Until years hence

when we’re ninety-somethings

dancing, knees cracking

in happy time with our steps.