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They’ll come later, the vows
that will tie us, bind us in a
beautiful merging, our energies blending
into a new entity, this union, that
will be ours to create, nurture, and grow.

They’ll come later, the words
that perfectly express how deep
my love for you runs through me and
how you have become inseparable
from my future, from my soul.

They’ll come later, the new
paths explored together, as we
lead each other through the joys
of heights traversed, holding hands.

But for today, a promise, unbreakable,
that the vows, words, and new will all come.


Courage, Empathy, Healing, Hope, Journeys, Love, People, Regret


All I really want
all I’ve ever wanted
as I’ve said
from the start
is a conversation
a dinner
or coffee
just you and me
to finally see
into each other’s eyes
and find out
the truth
of why this is
what it is
for the pain
on both sides
tell stories
about the new joys
found in this year
and just see
where we go
if we go
in this lifetime
but at least
moving forward,

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The post that started it all…

Cytherean Dreams

I came close
to infinity today
as I waded
into turquoise
bright, clear ocean
waves crashing
and the black
dolphin fins
leaping and bobbing
just a short swim
But I knew
I couldn’t swim there
couldn’t handle
the pounding surf
and so stood
and watched, water
swirling to my waist,
grinning and promising
to increase my strength
so next time,
I could dive in.

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Beauty, Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Gratitude, Healing, Home, Hope, Journeys, Love, Miracles, New Paths

Come Find Me

Come find me
where you know I lie
in stasis, waiting
for your kiss
to revive my hopes
bring the roses
back into my cheeks
and springtime into bloom.

Come find me
and feel my arms wrap
around your neck
the warmth of my light
filling your soul
with strength
so you can become
the king you want to be.

Come find me
so the story
our story
of love and respect
and happiness
and growth
and discovering the wonders
behind the veil
will never end.

Courage, Empathy, Heartbreak, Love, Pain, People, Questions, Regret, Truth


I couldn’t keep the book
the reminder
of how you changed
turned into a liar
who said, I’ll return it
when I see you again,
and then never had the
courage or decency
to respect me enough
to see me again.
Or were you
always a liar, saying
the perfect thing
you plucked from my head
and lying when it
suited you
(I know about Monday)
so that I wouldn’t dream
of this being real?
Its pages were tainted
stained with your lies.
It’s yours. Keep it until
you grow enough
to start telling the truth.

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Amor Vincit Omnia

Love conquers all.
Do I believe that
anymore? After
finding so many kinds
of love
that I thought were
what I wanted and
watching them crumble
one at a time
into memory.
Did those loves
conquer all?
For a time, I think,
the time they needed
to conquer my fears
and doubts
and dreads
and lack of confidence
and bring me back
into myself
little by little
the me that was lost
centuries ago
in rivers of spilt blood
and unfathomable horrors.
And now I’m ready
for a love
that doesn’t conquer
but builds and nurtures
and turns my world
back into the Garden
it once was.

Chakra energy, Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Miracles, New Paths, Pain, Questions


There’s a reason
I know, some
growth that could
only happen this way.
Why did he have to
be perfect? Why
did the signs have to
be so clear,
light rain
and shimmering cosmic colors
dancing, blessing our
every step forward?
Why did he adore me,
tossing around the words
love and beautiful and sexy
entranced by my every move?
Why did we instantly forge
these bonds?
We needed to grow, I guess,
and this is how to do it
with pain from bonds
torn asunder
refusal to look at me
or touch me
words forgotten and
signs that mean
nothing after all.