Time to Dream

Slip into a state of the other
where sunshine flows through
your silken hair and sky-bound prisms
mirror the spectrum of colors caught
in your iridescent eyes and
you speak softly of my beauty
of our power to pull forth
from our fertile soil new life
a far off dream, a so close fear
that you might love me
that you still dream of me
that you long to worship me
slip between worlds into my temple
and find your true self.

Blessings Upon Us All



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Holiday Prayers & Wishes from Lama Surya Das
Winter Solstice, December 2011

lessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape.
Blessed are the patient, for they shall be waited on and attended to.
Blessed are the generous, for they shall receive abundantly.
Blessed are the grateful, for their life shall always be bountiful.
Blessed are the wise, for they know not in excess.
Blessed are the lovers, for love is theirs for the asking.
Blessed are the healers, for their world and they too shall be healed and well.
Blessed are those who listen, for they shall be heard and understood.
Blessed are those who choose to be kind rather than right, for they shall have long-lasting beautiful relationships.
Blessed are those mates who have made two lives as one.
Blessed are the open-minded and warmhearted, for they shall receive all they need.
Blessed are the learners, for they shall be edified and fulfilled.
Blessed are those who know how to receive as well as to give, for inexhaustible richness is theirs.
Blessed are the goodhearted, for they shall live long and harmoniously.
Blessed are the curious, for wonderment is theirs.
Blessed are the awakeful, for they shall see things as they are.
Blessed are those who don’t know it all, for they shall discover truth through doubt and inquiry.
Blessed are those without many expectations and appointments, for they shall not be disappointed.
Blessed are the content, for they have arrived and shall be completed.
Blessed are the underdogs, for their loyalty and purity shall be rewarded in all walks of life.
Blessed are those who need little for they shall find simplicity and ease.
Blessed are the forthright, for they shall right the world and speak truth to power in love.
Blessed are the altruists, for they shall usher in the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are the leaders who inculcate leadership instead of followership.
Blessed are the servants, for they shall be served and attended to.
Blessed are the pray-ers, for life is fragile, fleeting, precious and needs to be handled with prayer.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall find peace and well being.
Blessed are the joyful for joy and happiness is theirs.
Blessed are the co-meditators, for they shall arrive together.
Blessed are the first rays of the morning, for they bring the gift of awakening.
Blessed are those who notice, for they shall find small delights around every corner.
Blessed is the reader who brings the writer’s creativity alive.
Blessed are the first light rays of each morning, for they convey the gift of awakening.
Blessed is this life we share together; handle with prayer!
Blessed be.
Blessed is.
Blessed does.

I Am

Love for a lifetime.

Cytherean Dreams

I am the love you
see before you
inviting and open
ready to enfold you
embrace you
and all that you are.

I am the beauty
that infuses this world
with goodness, purple
violet light streaming
connecting us all
in peacefulness.

I am your dream
made real for you
to touch
and taste
and entwine your fingers
in mine, in my love.

I am your gift
your challenge
from the universe.
Can you block out
the shrieking voices
and just love me back?

I am yours, if
you want me.
If you need me.
If you want a gift,
a challenge, a dream,
a beautiful apparition,

a love that will last
in a lifetime of bliss.

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Last Time

It’ll be the last time

I do this.

The last time

I wear a white gown

and give myself

become a gift and promise

and destiny at last

and so the question

guiding every choice,

what will I be sad if

I don’t have it, this time?

Because this is the last time.

Until years hence

when we’re ninety-somethings

dancing, knees cracking

in happy time with our steps.


I’m sorry for my happiness
for the bliss that leaves you
outside, looking in
on me and him
on us becoming an us
and wanting to feel
that, with him, with me
again. But
we had our time and
we had our chance and
we failed because
what is here, now, isn’t
what was there, for you
for me with you or
for him with you
and I’m sorry but
I can’t give up my happiness
because you’re still searching
for yours. I hope
you find it
the us you deserve.


Leave me alone!
A scream echoing
into the void
between me and you.
I hurl it
like a fireball to
drive you away
cast you out
of my spirit, to
buttress my crumbling
iron candlelit defenses.
I can’t help you
this way
not with you sucking
my energy out of me
a vampire crouching
in the shadows
of the east pulling
my strength to you.
If you need a friend
come find me.
If you want to feed
find some other prey
and just leave
me alone.


From last Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful still.

Cytherean Dreams

On this day,
I’m thankful for my children
growing faster now
too fast, and
I want to stop time
with them small
but I’m so proud
of the strong, gracious,
inquisitive and empathetic
young women
they’re becoming.

On this day,
I’m thankful for my parents
all four of them
who’ve guided me
and tried their best
to impart their wisdom and love
even as they struggle
through through their own
challenges and triumphs.

On this day,
I’m thankful for the women
who support me and listen
and navigate through the world
on their own paths
but always happy to travel
with me and cheer me on.

On this day,
I’m thankful for the men
who’ve loved me and held me
given me the secure knowledge
of my worth and
the warmth of knowing
they will be there,
if I fall.

On this day,
I’m thankful most of all
for my…

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