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Why prophecy for
tomorrow, when I can’t see
what is, now, today?

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No Need

One of my favorites from last Summer…

Cytherean Dreams

No need to scream out to the stars.

No need to hide away.

No need to wonder if you’ll see

these words I write today.

No need to cross my heart and hope

that you will hold me dear.

No need to purge pain from the past

or wallow in my fear.

For you have brought a peace and calm

to light my future bright.

I know you’ll be my steadfast friend,

my comfort, and my knight.

No need to fear you leaving me.

Your brilliant love is all I see.

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The Quiet

I loved the quiet, most days.
It would wrap around me, soft and moist
rich with imagined dreams
as I searched, hoping
to find my prince, my future.
Or it would console me
as I cried hot painful tears
of longing and forbidden love.
The quiet was my only friend, some days.
But what was is no longer what is,
and I’m glad to see the quiet
limp away from my doorway, to find
another soul who needs a friend.

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Midnight Sun

We’ll go there one day.
It’s on the list.
That list of all the exotic places
we want to experience, together,
and I see the future,
bright with midnight sunlight
a place so far away from us now
I can’t see the way there
can’t imagine what it must be like
to stand in sun
while the clocks say night.
How can we get there tomorrow
when I don’t even know
where I stand today?
Does tomorrow have any meaning
if there’s never any dark?

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I have faith in your love. You will always love me.
I have faith in your strength to withstand what may come.
I have faith in the joy that we bring, blessed be.
I have faith in your laughter, so full and wholesome.

I have faith that the demons will cower in fear
When seeing the brightness our true love creates.
I have faith that those who would throw their spears
Will find that our love is too pure to abate.

I have faith we will face every challenge life brings
Both evil and good, as lovers, as friends.
I have faith that we will grow together, find wings
To lift up our spirits, to soar without end.

I have faith that our faith will just grow over time.
I will always be yours, and my knight will be mine.

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Thank you for the plans.
They keep me
sane knowing
that there are ties
and futures
and returns
that will be,
and that
this present,
us apart, isn’t
what you want
or what I want but
what we must
now, never again.
Because we have
to fulfill together.
Our list of dreams.

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They’ll come later, the vows
that will tie us, bind us in a
beautiful merging, our energies blending
into a new entity, this union, that
will be ours to create, nurture, and grow.

They’ll come later, the words
that perfectly express how deep
my love for you runs through me and
how you have become inseparable
from my future, from my soul.

They’ll come later, the new
paths explored together, as we
lead each other through the joys
of heights traversed, holding hands.

But for today, a promise, unbreakable,
that the vows, words, and new will all come.