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Found family

Found homes, found loves, found past lives

Isn’t that the point?

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Rain on My Home Soil

A brief and deadly thunderstorm today…but we all needed the rain. So, sad and happy, both.

Cytherean Dreams

The falling rain
drenches my earth
my heart
and my home soil
breathes free at last
thirst quenched
when you return.

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Before you, he said
with a wry grin and wide
honest but still playful eyes
I was in a monastery.
I was a monk, cloistered
from the world, and
no woman captured my heart
or stole my smile
or lay grinning, naked with me
or held me, before you.
I was in a monastery, he joked.
And of course, so was I.
But the pictures and the scars
from our imagined other lives
we lived, before meeting,
tell a different story.
The people we still love and
the baggage we still carry is
sometimes, too honest.
Let’s keep it simple.
Let’s keep it sweet.
Before you, it was a monastery
because before you, I was caged
and you have set my heart free.

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A Day Without Freedom

A Day Without Freedom
by Bob Boucher

A day without freedom?
Ask Rodney King.

Five years without freedom?
Ask John McCain.

Twenty-seven years without freedom?
Ask Nelson Mandela.

Let not those iron bars imprison your soul.
Let them have your rags and bones
but keep your mind your very own.
A body crucified with thorn and nail
a mind imprisoned yet soul set free
yields not one inch to tyranny.

Freedom is a blessing to be
always cherished

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Daily Prompt: Acrostic


Acrostics are
binding and
confining and
demanding without
exception. But I
find myself
giggling and
happy and
interested in
just trying
knowing that
little by little
nascent attempt at
off-kilter meter
poetic and
this tremendous
undertaking, is
very inspiring, but
well might inspire
xenocide. I
yearn for freedom,


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I’ve been waiting
for a prince to come
and save me, free me from
this home that once was
freedom itself
now a prison,
a sucking tar pit
of too many stories
too many layers of energy
piled high, each
on top of another
threatening to topple
and smother me underneath.
No more waiting.
Time for me
to free myself.