Sunshine (A Prayer)

Wherever I am, I walk in Your sun.
Your love everywhere will bathe me in light.
Above, You will warm me, free me, the One
Who ignites the fire in my precious sight.
Your love is not fleeting, nor will it fade
In my dark hours when You feel far from me.
Your sun still dazzles, never to know shade,
Warming forever this eternity.
You know I feel you, deep love in my heart,
I feel Your sunshine giving me strength.
It does not matter if I play my part.
To You will I always return at length.
And everyday, Your warmth on my skin
Reminds me how close You always have been.


Wherever you are, you walk in the sun.
My love from afar will bathe you in light.
Above, I will warm you, free you, my One
Who ignites the fire in my precious sight.
This love is not fleeting, nor will it fade
In the long dark time when you’re far from me.
My sun still dazzles, never to know shade,
Warming us both in this eternity.
I know you feel me, deep love in your heart,
You feel my sunshine imbuing your strength.
It does not matter if close or apart.
We cannot measure our love in mere length.
I long for the day, your warmth on my skin
Reminds me how close you always have been.


Together means your demons
become mine, and I gladly
pick up my sword and
charge into battle, for you.

Together means my charges
become yours, and you gladly
lay down your arms and
nurture them, for me.

Together means we stand linked
our shared destinies binding
into a cosmic path of fire
burning bright ahead, for us.

Forever together, yours mine ours,
braiding intertwined, without end.





Good questions.

Cytherean Dreams

Wasn’t that
what you prayed for?
Fervently hoping
that God would
send you a wife
and partner
who could stand
by you, with you
and travel this
lifetime on your path?
Wasn’t that your dream?
So why, then,
do you hate
your gift?
Because I’m older
not someone you
can mold like clay?
Because I’m outspoken
and will tell you
what you need to hear
whether you want
truth or not?
Because I’m passionate
and love you with
a burning intensity
that could light your fire
that you fear so much?
I’m on my own path,
what could have been
our path
and I know no one
can join me here
save you.

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We’re not friends.
But you knew that.
You knew your offer
of friendship
rang hollow, just
as we knew from the first
how we would be
that this wasn’t
just friends.
This is richer. Deeper.
More true and real
and something you’re willing
to throw away for reasons
I can’t understand.
Reasons so frail you can’t
look me in the eye
and let me see
the truth in them,
because they aren’t true.
They aren’t your heart.
I know because
I feel your heart
your heat
pulsing through me
fire consuming the
last of my will to resist
the remaining shreds
of inhibitions.
No, we are not friends. The
deep ocean blue of your eyes
reflecting the chakra flower
that graces my back told me that.
And so did your kiss, when I
gasped at their clarity
said how amazing you looked
shining in the light
in that moment.