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It was missing, the dot

that says, stop here.

A new thought is about to begin.

And so I thought your thoughts

went together and

you were saying what I guess

you weren’t, but 

why wasn’t it there?

A mistake? Or just

another way to divide

to separate, to painfully parse

through ambiguity?

Chakra energy, Empathy, Family, Gratitude, Home, Judaism, Love, Marriage, People, Truth

Who You Are

You are my poet,
my dreamer weaving
metaphorical tapestries
that wrap me
in loving contentment,
that lift me to be
the woman of your words.

You are my gentleman,
my good sport in adversity
the man who sees my woes
as opportunities
gently induces my smile
gracing me
with your sweet understanding.

You are my knight,
my valiant warrior who fights
for the right to love at will
for me, my champion,
attacking baseless fears and
dissipating darkness with
your sword of light.

You are my true love,
my only, steadfast and pure,
who knows soul-deep
your place is at my side,
making my life yours
and your life mine.

You are my partner,
my equal in energy and drive,
able to be the man
my family needs to be whole
able to teach me and learn from me
and love me and love them
and live your best life, with me.

You are who you are.
Just in case
you ever need
to remember.

You are
who you are.
You are
who I love.
You are
who I need.

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Endings and Beginning

A time of endings led
to the new beginning of you.
Of me. Of us. Of our family.
Of missing you
when I’m not home
for dinner or
hoping that you’ll
roll over and cuddle me
in your sleep, as
you so often do, because
I love your dreamy loving arms
and I thank my God everyday
for those endings.
For every broken heart endured.
In clarity with pain,
I see your light.

Childhood, Empathy, Family, Gratitude, Home, Journeys, Love, Marriage, Truth

One Day

You’re perfect,
because of this one day.
Because you can rise
and live with us
and love with us
and bring more joy
to our lives and our home
and be our chaperone
when we need one
and step aside
when we need to lead
and keep your own life
even while sharing ours.
It’s not just the one day
coming soon, next year,
when we’ll join our lives
with legal vows.
It’s every day until then,
and every day after,
each one, one day.

Family, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Love, Pain, People, Regret, Truth

When I Knew

It wasn’t when I laughed
and named you perfect
in my eyes.
It wasn’t when
I held you and
you took your place
where no other had been
on the right side
reading my thoughts and
answering them aloud,
exploring heights of rapture.
It wasn’t when you grinned
uplifted with my family
so natural in
my most sacred space.
It wasn’t when I
showed you, told you
all my secrets
leading you on a tour
through my world.
No, I knew
I loved you
when I trembled
looking up at the
stars of violet crystal
and knew, felt
you had decided
the end would be today,
and my heart broke
and I realized
how much you meant.
Maybe telling you then
would have changed the story
I had already
shown too much.
And you were already gone.

Chakra energy, Childhood, Empathy, Family, Gratitude, Home, Journeys, Love, Miracles


Time to go.
To see what lies
beyond the desert
into a land of myth
and power and
bring my children
our combined energies
full moon rising above us
priestesses arriving
to bless this transition
a new family
being born.

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Daily Prompt: I’m Grateful for You

Daily Prompt

I’m Grateful for You

A perfect line
from a throwaway movie
a romantic comedy
no one saw but me, but
it had my favorite people
and my favorite setting and
silliness ensued and
John says to Julia
after all the craziness,
I’m grateful for you.
And they lived happily
ever after? Probably not
with these two and
this family and the press
and the scandal but
they were happy, and real
living together,
grateful for the sun
grateful for the moon
grateful for the stars
and grateful for you.