Courage, Death, Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Pain, People, Truth


Millions, she said. Millions
have been killed
or raped
or destroyed
or all of these nightmares,
lives lost to
evil bitter souls
and does the world
cry out at such horrors?
Can we reach out
to heal, from our pedastals
without patronizing
or minimizing
their agonizing pain?
She does. She can.
And she shows us all
that we can too.
We will never forget
our own millions
and we can never forget
theirs, too.

Death, Heartbreak, Home, Judaism, Pain, Regret, Truth

Daily Prompt: Israel Speaks

Daily Prompt: Finding good in something horrible like war or violence

I tried.
For hundreds, thousands
of years, I tried to
be born, through
calling them home and
negotiations and
pleading our case
to the powers that were
to the new powers that replaced
the old ones, when they fell.
But the nations, the others
stood firm against my rebirth.
Until my children died
mowed down in a sea of blood
ripped to shreds in madness
and global warfare raged
evil unmasked, horrifically naked
six million martyred
and then I was reborn.
I wish to God,
even God wishes
there could have been
another way

Beauty, Chakra energy, Courage, Death, Empathy, Journeys, Love, Miracles, New Paths, Truth


Another day, another tragedy
and the world’s energy
seems out of balance
with horrendous evil
finding willing minds
open to unleashing their
own agony on hapless
creating Hell here
in our world
and what can we do
to fight this onslaught?

And we must fight.
We have no choice
we have the obligation
to be true to the great
that binds us all
and gives us the power
to bring light
push back the darkness.

My power is you,
and I cannot reject it.
With you with me
even just in spirit
I create
we create
a power and energy
that uplifts and
and cleanses and
It is our gift
to the world,
this love.
And its my
to accept it.

Empathy, Healing, Love, Pain


I know.
I saw it in my dream,
that you had been
wrecked and ravaged
by a brutal love
that crossed every line
grasping and evil
ripping away your heart
your self-worth
leaving broken pieces of you
in its sickening wake.
Even before knowing
I never would have
hurt you, like this.
But knowing now,
my heart breaks for you
anew, stabbing pain
for the journey
you’ve had to travel.
But I don’t love you
any less, now
and you are still
just as perfect to me
even after knowing your pain.