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It was missing, the dot

that says, stop here.

A new thought is about to begin.

And so I thought your thoughts

went together and

you were saying what I guess

you weren’t, but 

why wasn’t it there?

A mistake? Or just

another way to divide

to separate, to painfully parse

through ambiguity?

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Who You Are

You are my poet,
my dreamer weaving
metaphorical tapestries
that wrap me
in loving contentment,
that lift me to be
the woman of your words.

You are my gentleman,
my good sport in adversity
the man who sees my woes
as opportunities
gently induces my smile
gracing me
with your sweet understanding.

You are my knight,
my valiant warrior who fights
for the right to love at will
for me, my champion,
attacking baseless fears and
dissipating darkness with
your sword of light.

You are my true love,
my only, steadfast and pure,
who knows soul-deep
your place is at my side,
making my life yours
and your life mine.

You are my partner,
my equal in energy and drive,
able to be the man
my family needs to be whole
able to teach me and learn from me
and love me and love them
and live your best life, with me.

You are who you are.
Just in case
you ever need
to remember.

You are
who you are.
You are
who I love.
You are
who I need.

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Leave me alone!
A scream echoing
into the void
between me and you.
I hurl it
like a fireball to
drive you away
cast you out
of my spirit, to
buttress my crumbling
iron candlelit defenses.
I can’t help you
this way
not with you sucking
my energy out of me
a vampire crouching
in the shadows
of the east pulling
my strength to you.
If you need a friend
come find me.
If you want to feed
find some other prey
and just leave
me alone.

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Daily Prompt: Free

I was asked to define “tantra” recently – here’s a much better answer than the one I gave, I think.

Cytherean Dreams

Daily Prompt: Morphing


I free you.
When I love you, and
transmute the universal light
from heaven down
through energy spirals swirling
through the core of me
the heart and soul
and depths of me
and it flows out
through my hands
my third eye, my sacred
temple and into you
in rainbows bursting
born of ecstasy
and healing, cleansing
rebirth of you, from me,
I free you.
Free is love and tantric fire
and compassion and nurturing,
a shining silver connection.
I free you,
so you can be

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My third poem I wrote when I started writing again, because I needed to put out something positive into the world.

Cytherean Dreams

I can evolve. I can grow.
I can expand my heart, fill it
with unconditional love that pours forth
into the universe. My positive energy.
My glow.
Fills the void, engulfs the lost,
comforts those I love who are not here.
Not in body. But our souls lock together
and my glow lights their way home
to me.

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I hope it rains
when I find him.
When my true one
comes to me and
promises me
his life
his soul
his energy
asks me
to join him
on his quest and
pledges his fealty
to mine,
I hope the rain
washes down then
so I can hear him
laugh in surprise
uplifting, exuberant
the irony of life
when he comes
home to me.

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A hug to anyone who needs one, on their path.

Cytherean Dreams

I enfold you
hold you close to me
and pass along
my strength
my warmth
seeping through your skin
in a golden mist
imbuing you
with life and purpose.
You are not done
your dream
is just beginning.
And as you walk
whenever you need
I hold you
and give you hope.

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