Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Pain, Regret, Truth

I don’t blame you

You’ve deserted me at last

empty bars on the counter screen

empty echoes of broken ley lines

that used to flow, vibrant and thrumming.

I can’t feel them anymore.

I can barely remember

why I ever cared.

So I don’t blame you for

moving on, leaving no trace

of who you once were,

my devoted one. I’m 

just so boring now, and there’s

nothing more to see


Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Love, New Paths, Pain, Questions, Regret


I hope that,
wherever you are,
you are happy and fulfilled.
I feel happy but empty,
sucked dry of some basic
deep joy
that doesn’t exist
within me
without you.

Nothing about this is minor.
You came into my life
and changed everything
just by existing,
showed me a part of myself
that I never realized
and now can’t imagine
myself without.

Is it wrong
to still yearn for more?
One life-changing love
discovered through you
should be enough.
But still,
I want more.
Another love is coming
and all I see is you.

Courage, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Hope, Love, Pain, Questions


Do you feel broken?
Are you lying somewhere
empty, drained out
of hope and love
worried for your future
and thinking, as
your heart sinks
that you’ll never see
your dreams
in front of you
never know
the sweetness
of living a pure
and profound life?
Are you broken, beloved?
Can you find
the peace within yourself
be calm and listen
and put yourself together