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Endings and Beginning

A time of endings led
to the new beginning of you.
Of me. Of us. Of our family.
Of missing you
when I’m not home
for dinner or
hoping that you’ll
roll over and cuddle me
in your sleep, as
you so often do, because
I love your dreamy loving arms
and I thank my God everyday
for those endings.
For every broken heart endured.
In clarity with pain,
I see your light.

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Oddly Happy

And so it begins again
having to explain over
and over and once more
that I’m happy where
I am
and in love, yes,
regardless of rationality
and I don’t have illusions
but know that I’m odd
I’m not entirely sane, perhaps,
or am more sane than those
who think I should just
find a man and keep him
just to have one around.
I’ve been called wise
too many times
to question my choices now.
I’ve spent too many
happy days and nights
contemplating the intricate
energy patterns swirling
to think that they’re
not real, this ocean
we live and breathe.
So all I can do
is smile my dreamy
mad smile and laugh
and explain yet again,
no, I’m not looking
for someone new
and yes, I’m very happy.