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Dreams Come True

With you, I’ve
revived teenage glories
mingled with poets
pandered politicians
sailed south on a summer cruise
screamed in joy on roller coasters
kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve
spoken my own words at an open mike
laughed heartily and daily
put the children to bed as you wash dishes
held hands in every movie
woken cuddled in smiles
flown above the ocean waves

A short list
of the fantasies
you’ve made real
with no real attempt
at being fantastic
just honest truth
that this is how you live
to make my dreams
come true.

With you, I’ve
been set free to soar.

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Pink Sapphire

One of my favorites.

Cytherean Dreams

Morning’s early light drifting in, and
lazily, we stirred from sleep, to
share even more, and I
could finally tell
you about

The pink sapphire, the one my grandmother
gave to me, when she was still
here, in both body and mind.
She started drifting
away soon after.

So the sapphire is all I have left of her
kindness and charm and wit and
soft, pink steely warmth
and you asked about
my jewelry, the

Stones and gems that light my world, so
I pulled this one out of my shrine
and presented it to you, let
you see it, put your
energy inside

And then I slipped it on my left hand
where the sapphire loves to play
and when I looked down,
later, in the sun,
it danced

Alight, awake, with love, on my finger.

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Midnight Sun

Dreams of traveling with my love…

Cytherean Dreams

We’ll go there one day.
It’s on the list.
That list of all the exotic places
we want to experience, together,
and I see the future,
bright with midnight sunlight
a place so far away from us now
I can’t see the way there
can’t imagine what it must be like
to stand in sun
while the clocks say night.
How can we get there tomorrow
when I don’t even know
where I stand today?
Does tomorrow have any meaning
if there’s never any dark?

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The Quiet

I loved the quiet, most days.
It would wrap around me, soft and moist
rich with imagined dreams
as I searched, hoping
to find my prince, my future.
Or it would console me
as I cried hot painful tears
of longing and forbidden love.
The quiet was my only friend, some days.
But what was is no longer what is,
and I’m glad to see the quiet
limp away from my doorway, to find
another soul who needs a friend.

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Thank you for the plans.
They keep me
sane knowing
that there are ties
and futures
and returns
that will be,
and that
this present,
us apart, isn’t
what you want
or what I want but
what we must
now, never again.
Because we have
to fulfill together.
Our list of dreams.