Beauty, Gratitude, Home, Hope, Miracles, Questions


A welcome surprise
to end my day
my candle burning bright
on the mantle
as never before
when the flickering frail flame
smothered under melted wax
would sputter into
nothingness, but now
for no reason
it lives, it breathes
it lights my darkness
and gives me hope
that my wish
will come true
will appear
in spontaneous
combustion, coming home
to me.

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Family, Healing, Home, Journeys, Love, Pain, People


Ambling onwards, feverish,

knowing that

his cure lies

in her arms, the

wanderer stumbles

through his dark night

and knocks, twice quickly,

at his love’s door.

I’m sick, he says plaintively,

and she pauses,

then opens

her arms

her heart

her powers

to absorb like a sponge

the gangrenous mists

clouding his vision.

She cleanses

his wounds, and

builds new walls,

new strength

for him as

he grounds himself

in her, for

she is his home now

and he wanders

through the night

knowing he has a

place, a part,

in her bed

in her family

in her love

to return to.

Beauty, Empathy, Fun, Gratitude, Greek mythology, Home, Miracles, Pain, Questions


Do you still believe in me?
In my powers
to bring light into the dark
shadows of ignorance, or
to lead you into battle
and bless your homes
when you return, victorious?
I am with you
in the mournful hoot of a barn owl
soaring through the night.
I am with you
in the love of man and wife
around hearth, in your home.
I am with you
in the moment of discovery
the flash of realization.
Believe in me again
and become one
with my light.

Fun, Gratitude, Healing, Journeys, Love, New Paths


You were wrong, he said
with a gentle
half-dreamy smile.
I thought I needed
a cloister, a cage
to hide in darkness
to protect my heart
from pain, my love
from falling
into oblivion.
I thought pushing him
away, benign neglect
would build the wall
he wouldn’t dream to scale.
But I was wrong,
and he was right,
my own smile now
chasing these fears away,
remembering his words
that gentle acceptance
as he brought me back
into the light.

Chakra energy, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Pain, Questions, Regret


On the other side
from the other end
the perspective shifts
turns upended and
what was certain
seemed clear and defined
turns blurry from
this new vantage
darkness shifting
in my own heart
to see more clearly
into yours.
Can you
forgive me for
my sins that drowned
your safe harbor, turned
surety into doubt?
Turns out I
loosed the demons
pride and passion
after all.

Courage, Death, Empathy, Pain, People, Truth


Beware of the energy vampires…the worst are the ones who don’t know that’s what they are…

Cytherean Dreams

I bumped into
a true vampire today
and within
just a few minutes
she had me reduced
drained of my energy
shaking and crying
and begging for
just a little bit
of her mercy.
I had to name her
three times
to shield myself
and she stopped, then,
and told me that
she was just the first.
The vampires are coming
to feed on me
but next time
I will know
I will protect my heart
from their attacks
in the dark.

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