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From years ago…so happy to have healed from the trauma…

Cytherean Dreams

Enact your
the pain that
brought you here
today, she said,
and then
from my crouch on the floor,
I opened my heart,
protected it
and trembling, eyes down,
offered myself up.

And was rejected
curled into a ball
and then found the
strength to kneel
moving upward
and still, trembling,
eyes down,
offered myself again.

Another rejection
but now, not pulling away,
determined instead
to stand
and see what
standing feels like
and once more
from here,
eyes down, trembling,
I offered myself.

Expected the blow, this time,
and it didn’t knock
me down.
I took it.
And stepped forward,
tearful eyes open,
claiming my ground,
standing firm
and not offering

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I think of you in Torah class
studying the rabbi’s commentaries
and spinning meanings from
ancient, foreign words.

I think of you in Shabbat services
singing melodies of praise
to our God of lovingkindness
grateful for the fate brought me you.

I think of you at our temple parties
as we dance and eat and gossip
mixing faith with friendship,
our children laughing nearby.

I think of you, even though
you weren’t brought here by faith or birth.
But you are one of us, a part of me.
You have been and will be there, being you.

Thank you
for showing my importance to you
for your willingness to take part
for your faith in me.

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Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming



I) A magic eye
outpouring of earth
and sand and life
to create rainbows in the dirt.
Do you see it now?
How the whole world is built
to evoke the rainbow
in your soul?

II) Thank you, Shaman,
for sharing your knowledge with me.
You pointed me on the path
and reminded me who I am.
I needed to remember
how to see the rainbows again
and you told me
where to look. Inside myself.

III) You make the rainbows dance
to light my way
point me in the right direction
with the promise, all the while,
that You will never
forsake us again.
We see it, clearly,
in the transient luminescent sky
and the permanent scorching earth.

Beauty, Courage, Empathy, Fun, Gratitude, Journeys, Miracles, New Paths, People, Truth


by Helen Comay

Sometimes I dream I am the first woman
	emerging from the cold, primeval water,
	slippery as a seal with the sea brine
	still clinging to my naked body.
I see my knotted, wavy hair
	pleated with viney seaweed,
	waterfalling down my back and my breasts
	like tributaries from a mountain after a heavy rainfall.
My still partially-webbed feet stumble
	over the prehistoric skeletons of the brave
	who ventured before me, using their fins for feet.
When I look around with my salty sea eyes,
	I see the beauty of the land
	as Eve, awakening from her preprimordial sleep,
	must have seen it,
	violent in its verdant outbursts
	sounds that echo and re-echo
	over contours of the land.
I see dots of colors I could never have imagined
	in the aquamarine womb from which I emerged
	and look to the heavens to see a midnight-blue sky
	where twinkling entities--sunfish, rays and starfish--
	swim and dance in the limpid moonlight.
I came to land to see, but now know
	I will never return to sea.

A guest blogger post from the Green Poets Group.
Empathy, Gratitude, Healing, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Love, New Paths, People

Really Like

I really like you.
Simple words, yet
fraught with peril,
hiding the growing
of gratitude
that you appeared
when you did
to return
to hold each other
that plans now
will break when
you realize I
am not her
or some other
you’ve built up
created like a shining
goddess who
swoops down from on high
bringing destruction
in her wake.
And you cannot
even ask me
for what
I know
I want,
But I
really like you
and you
really like me
and our dance,
graceful and serene,
flows on.

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Wishing for something,
there’s no guarantee,
who will appear
to help set me free.
The wishing is tiring
and all I want to be
is with you, sitting there
on the bench next to me.
One miracle manifest
made flesh and blood.
My inner dream come true
heart burst in a flood.
A musician, a thinker,
a father, a friend.
Manifest and then vanished
woke up at dream’s end.
So where do I go
after dreaming, to be
held in some new arms.
I don’t know. Is that me?
Can I overcome
my heart’s longing and see
that I have a chance
to still dance merrily?

Heartbreak, Judaism, Love, Pain, Regret


Snow, pure white
lacing the ancient stones
when you
were standing here,
on this wall.
But now, lights dance,
a festival,
music and crimson and turquoise
pulsating in dramatic
rhythmic time.
You would think
it would drown out
everything else, but
all I see, while the crowd
around me wonders
at the marvels
spread out below, is
the white dots of light,
snow falling once again.