Courage, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Pain, Questions


You are, at your core,
a preacher. A shaman.
Someone who peels back
the curtains and shows
the rest of us
the truth that lies within.
And you have the gift
of inspiration, the ability
to move someone to
tears, to pull people
closer to you, to listen.
So why aren’t you preaching?
Why are you silenced?
Have you lost your connection,
your way, on your path?
Its been too long, months now.
Go forth, and be
who you are.

Chakra energy, Courage, Death, Empathy, Greek mythology, Healing, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Love, Pain


Death and re-birth
severed connections
lead to new searches
growth in the most powerful
direction, straight up,
and I take my place
in the pantheon.
The healer goddess
bringing strength and joy
and clarity and connection
through Love.

Empathy, Heartbreak, Judaism, Miracles, Pain, Regret


There was a time
when this was
the happiest day of my week
waking up to know
that I would get hours
of prayer and song
and the added bonus
of feeling your love
pour through the room
liquid golden joy
that would stay with me
through the day. Even
that one day
that started the
unraveling of
our tenuous ties.
Even then.
But now, it’s
the hardest day
as the headaches hit
draining me of
my spirit, right
when I need
strength the most
to replenish my
depleted heart.
Do you feel
notice at all
the difference
the joy felt then and
the pain that is now?

Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Love, Miracles


This is my truth.
When you cry,
I feel the tears
hot and stinging
clouding my vision.
When you cannot speak,
my throat constricts
and burns
with unspoken passions.
When you want me,
I throw myself down
and lose myself
feeling you inside me.
When you fade, broken,
I rise to be
with you and
remind you that life
holds promise, still.
You may doubt
but I feel
and see
and speak
and act
and will hold fast
to my own truth.

Empathy, Heartbreak, Love


The anger doesn’t last.
You can push me away
and I react, block you
hurt you
shun you
but only for a while.
One glimpse of you
and again, I’m hooked.

This connection is so strong,
and I feel the
depression weighing
over your heart,
confusing your thoughts.
I ache to feel you
and hold you and just be,
with you.

And that is why
I can’t be anywhere near you.
Because I ache
and you push away,
sadly, perhaps. You seem sad.
If you would just stop pushing
and let me melt
against you, with you
the ache and the sadness both
would disappear
leaving only joy
and finally, clarity.

Courage, Empathy, Healing, Hope, Love, Miracles, Pain


Thank you, he whispered
as I rejoined
the circle
and I whispered back,
It’s what I do.
When a man appears
bleeding and lost
I rise to help
I love him
I comfort him
I re-connect him
with the people
he loves
but have lost
because they can’t see
past his tragedy.
It’s what I do,
whether or not
they thank me.