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Good Karma

May the good you do come back to you.

Cytherean Dreams

She walked quickly down
the street
followed by a
screaming man
obscenities thrown
at her, insane miming
about what he would do
to her,
if he could,
and she trembled, turned back
and ended up
next to me.
Not on purpose.
I was part of the scenery
to her. She thought
she was alone
in the daylight
on a busy street
with no one caring
about her plight.
But I moved forward
stood with her
and spoke and kept
her safe, and a
gentleman tried to come
to our rescue, but
we didn’t need it then.
We thanked him, and left
and I drove her
the short distance
to her friends and safety
and she smiled as she left me
and said this was
good karma, to start
this year.
I shrugged
and smiled
because I don’t care
if this
comes back to me
or not.
I’m just tickled

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Daily Prompt: My Mother

Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Strong and proud and
a beautiful queen in
her own right
my mother shows me
how to live.
How to be caring and
friends with everyone
I meet and
how to make my home
a good one
a safe one
for my own children
and how to juggle
work and love and community
always giving her best to all
and still growing, learning
never locked in stagnant stasis.
My mother is queen of her world
and the highest compliment
anyone could ever give
is I remind them
of her.

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You were never married,
the smiling serene rabbi said
to me. No need for a divorce
in our faith, because
he had no standing
to marry you at all
and so, in our eyes, it
didn’t really happen.
And I felt so light and free
and bouncing joyful at
this news, and was surprised
at how little I was surprised.
Because by then
I had seen a bit
a glimpse
of what consecration means
of the process and binding
the multiple ceremonies
tying families together
as a couple joins hearts
to build a home
a foundation for the community
not an island, but an oasis
a blessing to all.
I was never consecrated
had never given myself
at that deepest level
and so, not truly wed.
Not yet.

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My father took
my mother into the tent
and found comfort in
her arms and embrace,
found himself there
a man he
couldn’t bear to be
seeing her vision for
how he should be
and knowing he
couldn’t live up
to that man, left.
Found another with
fewer expectations
and no community
to build beyond family.
I know that’s not
your vision. You see
a future you dream
of building, but
can’t see how a woman
can comfort you enough
to give you strength
and help you build it.
It is not weakness
to need her.
Bringing her
to your family tent
is how our people have
always healed
and grown into men.

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Not Mine

Why don’t you go there?
I didn’t because it was
your home.
That alone
was reason enough
to never go, not even look.
But so many people
have asked me
have said, it
would be good for me,
and today, I took the hint
and realized that living
in the past
is no way to live.
So for the first time
I, at least, looked.
I finally looked
at what there was
to see with
my own eyes
what would be
good for me.
And saw something
so different than
what I expected.
I didn’t see a home
I saw dogma and fiery
passion trying so hard
to be inspirational.
I’m sure it is to many.
But to me, it was alien,
I didn’t see my home.
It might be yours.
But not mine.

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I wish I knew
why my head is swimming
pounding fear pulsating
dizziness world spins
knocking me off balance
and I feel you near
but don’t know why
or how or if
it even might be true.

I wish I could help
have just one conversation
one of those talks
I always have
where I fix the problem
have the great idea
that just somehow
makes the world bright again
for you
who lives in darkness.

I wish I could give you
the home you so desperately
need, could fulfill
the longing I felt from you
as you watched a father
holding his child
his wife at his side
following the traditions
of our faith
in our community.

I wish I could alleviate
your fears and give you
the peace that comes
from knowing
that your love loves you
more than any other person
in the entire world
and would never stray
because there’s just nothing
more to find, having found
you, already.

I wish I could tell you
these wishes in your ear
whispered as I hold you close
intertwined, in love.

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Do you really think
that any of this
that these passings
are by chance?
That I end up
smiling, seeing people
I know
from my communities
in a city of millions
and we connect
two drops in this ocean?
It’s never chance,
each is a gift
and it’s these moments
that show me
who I am
and where I belong.